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Fast & Furious 10 (2023)  

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Fast & Furious 10 is an upcoming movie that will be directed by the ever-popular John Hughes. There are two movies that are featured in this Fast & Furious franchise and they are named Dule Hill: One Movie and Fast Five: Two Movies. The plot of Fast Five revolves around a pair of car thieves who get away from a party and wind up crash landing in an island paradise. A couple of local authorities, who happen to be heads of a local oil company, are the only people on the island who can stop the thieves and recover the vehicles. The thieves however have plans of taking out the money and running to a ship to deliver them into the mainland.

In the first film Fast & Furious 10 agents Brian O'Brien (Christina Aguilera) and Gabrielle (Django Unchapell) track down a shipment of Chinese food near Los Angeles. When they return, they discover a stash of Chinese guns and a massive amount of money that was taken from a credit card. The authorities are able to bust up the thieves but before they can do so Brian has to leave town. However, he comes back to find that the bounty hunter who was supposed to kill him has been killed. A fight then breaks out between Brian and Carlio (Giancarlo Esposito), who want custody of the Chinese guns. Meanwhile, Officer Markham (Jon Gries) of the Los Angeles Police Department sees afer suspected of being connected to the incidents that have recently taken place in the area.

This movie is definitely a Fast & Furious lovers' delight. The story line involving the Chinese weapons and the whole island in general is very interesting and even if you don't like the story there is plenty to keep you interested in what happens next. This movie is directed by Don Hertl though his last movie "Memento" was released in 2021. There is a strong cast of characters, which is led by Tom Selleck who plays Brian Price, an undercover CIA agent sent to the island to perform a sting after receiving information that a shipment of Chinese weapons will arrive there. The other main star is Dan Butler who plays Jake Hunter, an FBI agent sent to the location as well. The real star here is Diesel who plays the role of a Chinese arms dealer who sells top of the line weapons and is also in charge of finding and then delivering them to the party involved in the sting.

The action and fighting is what made the original series so popular. This Fast & Furious movie follows the plot pretty much same however, in this version, Diesel does a great job of beating the ever present Diner. I especially like how he gets the car really dirty! There is no way that the stunt guy shouldn't be taken seriously because of his extensive background in martial arts.

The story ends with a rather shocking turn of events and things are tipped in favor of the good guys. This Fast & Furious 10 movie might not appeal to everyone but the fans of the original series will appreciate it. The acting is great throughout the movie and there are a few cameos by famous faces from the series such as Kurt Russell and Steve McQueen. However, the movie isn't too long and it can get boring at times especially when there are lots of explosions happening. The final two minutes where Jake Hunter saves the day is probably the highlight of the movie for me.

If you loved the first two movies of the Fast & Furious saga then you will love this movie. Even those who didn't like the first two installments have a great time with this latest one. The action and drama are top notch and Diesel and Selleck put on another great performance. The special effects and car stunts are impressive and if you have seen the previous Fast & Furious films then you'll know what to expect with this one. I'm sure there will be more Fast & Furious 10 movies to come in the future and Diesel and Selleck are set to continue their star turn as Jake Hunter and B.J Chang in the next two films.

Rating: 9.5  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Crime  | Duration: N/A min  | Year: 2023

Average: 9.5 / 10 (768 votes)
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