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The Trip (2021)  

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The Trip is an oddity, a modern day comedy, that manages to be both ridiculous and highly intelligent. It shows its many amusing twists via quick editing, ingenious foreshadowing and a thoroughly ridiculous storyline allying itself with irreverent humour. However, The Trip falls just short of its full narrative potential, settling for more celebrity muck-rakers instead. However, its clever plot and intricate characters make up for this minor disappointment and ensure that The Trip remains a definite must-see film...

The movie centres on a group of Harvard academics who get a van stuck in the middle of the infamous Massachusetts highway. As their vehicle gets stuck, they are desperate to find help - but this means driving across country. A fellow driver (Efren Ramirez) saves them and they return to the location where they had left their van, only to find that the place has been invaded by zombies. Now they have to fight their way through the zombie-infested, blood thirsty hordes and save the remaining humans alive.

Despite the dark and morbid tone of the film, The Trip does have some great comedy sequences, most notably the one where the infected rats eat all the passengers' brains. Another funny scene involves the travellers travelling in an old VW bug, the only item of value left in the vehicle which the zombies have completely destroyed. Overall, the comedy is well supported by the oddness of the storyline, as well as some well placed cameos by recognizable Hollywood celebrities.

Another fantastic animated comedy, The Trip finds a host of guest stars in order to depict the journey of three young people (including big names such as Alexander Gould and Anne Hathaway) as they travel through Italy and Greece on a road trip. In many ways, The Trip is more of an extended, albeit funny, version of the novel It's a Wonderful Life, as the film succeeds largely in creating a visual comparison between the lives of the travellers and the characters in George Eliot's work. The movie features a number of familiar locations, most notably the Grand Canyon, the St. Lawrence River and the Pyrenees. The animation does an excellent job of recreating the feel of the region, and the voiceovers for the different characters help to make the experience all the more genuine.

If The Trip was the first series of animated comedy movies to be shot in the UK, it must surely rank right up there with classics such as Monty Python's epic The Life Of Pi and Shrek 3. The film centres on a British girl (Emma Watson) who travels to northern Italy on a stag night with her friend, a local taxi driver ( Daniel Craig). The two spend the night enjoying the local night life, and Emma ends up falling in love with a local boy ( Daniel Craig). But when their car breaks down during the drive and they are forced to spend the night in the nearby countryside, things quickly become complicated.

In the movie, the story follows the usual formula for a traveling comedy: there is an abundance of well-known characters, a few interesting circumstances and the odd device or gadget that makes the story exciting enough to keep the audience interested. However, instead of building the same formula for its three films, The Trip offers something a little different. Unlike its predecessors, The Trip features a unique story told through the eyes of a non-speaking character (instead of an English character), and it is presented as a non-traditional traveling film. This difference helps to make The Trip stand out from the rest of its genre, and it is therefore among the most successful of all the animated feature films released last year.

Rating: 7.1  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Comedy , Horror , Thriller  | Duration: 113 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.1 / 10 (892 votes)
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