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The Last Mercenary (2021)  

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Based on the novel The Last Mercenary by Jean Philippe Voortrekkers, The Last Merciless is a 2021 action/adventure movie directed by Tom Ho. Starring in the movie are Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Fairchild, Richard Madden, Rose Byrne, Teri Hatcher, and The West Wing's Anna Kournikova. The movie's plot revolves around a United States Special Forces Group that is calling out to protect the planet of New Mars from an invading force. The group is lead by Colonel Jack O'Neil (Bane). The movie begins on Earth as Earth is being threatened by the merciless Chirac; however, when they are asked to protect Mars from an impending attack, the group is transformed into The Last Merciless. The movie then chronicles the adventures of the last few members of the group as they struggle to protect the planet of Mars from the Chirac Empire.

The story begins with the death of one of the members of the group, Frank Stone (Morgan Freeman), who is identified as a former secret agent of the U.S. Special Forces. With the help of other members of the team including the one known as Alex (Petrus Romanus), the group of characters travel to an island in the Pacific Ocean where Stone lives. However, after landing, they discover that Stone has been impersonating an imposter. Stone then tries to prove his identity to the others but to no avail. Before being able to complete the deception, Stone is killed by Chirac. With the help of a mysterious Russian countess (Annette Benning) and some other agents of hers, Stone must find proof that he is not the impostor he is pretending to be.

The movie is basically a comedy where several characters try to blend in with the various groups that they are assigned to protect. Major comedic elements include Stone's (Morgan Freeman) transformation into a "retired" special forces agent; the comic interplay between Stone and Alex (Petrus Romanus); the dialogues between the different secret agents that the movie revolves around (especially between Alex and Jean-Claude de Clastres, the French agent who is played by Morgan Freeman in the movie). Also, the mention of the Countess (anne Duvall), the wife of a former French president, who is played by Julia Roberts, adds a bit of romanticism to the film. However, the major theme of the film is the betrayal of an undercover agent. So, for all of its comedy elements, The Last mercenary was more than just a comedy - it was a drama about how betrayal can occur in the most unconventional of places.

The Last Merciful also star Alexander Singer (The Thin Red Line, Basic Strangers) and Jason Statham. This movie did not do very well at the box office, despite receiving great reviews from critics. Some of the movie's issues include poor acting, long scenes that go on for too long, lazy script writing, and the absence of originality. On the other hand, the movie did receive some notable awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Movie. It even received several awards at the Satellite Awards as well, which is quite impressive.

The Last mercenary is one of the most interesting France movie flicks, you are likely to see. It takes place in a world where the citizens have turned against their government; the French military has been completely humiliated at the hands of their former allies, and the CIA has recruited a number of French women (including the future wife of George Clooney) as agents to take care of the terrorist threat. The movie starts with a rather shocking secret - the head of the French secret service General Philippe Moreau is revealed to be a close friend of Alex (PETER GRIMOND), the US agent who is to infiltrate and kill the terrorists. While this is happening, Alex and his newly-trained partner Jean Claude (PETER GRIMOND) wage a personal war against each other. The movie gradually reveals the reasons why these two men are fighting, and it becomes clear that this is more than just a war between friends.

The Last mercenary follows in the footsteps of several other very successful action comedies such as Basic Instinct and Heat. This movie is very funny, while at the same time being a very intense movie that leaves you craving for more! I would definitely recommend The Last Mercenary to anyone who is a fan of either Hollywood action movies or just decent comedy movies. The movie has an intense climax, which I loved, and also the acting and music were great.

Rating: 7.7  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Comedy  | Duration: 110 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.7 / 10 (1160 votes)
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