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The Harder They Fall (2021)  

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The Harder They Fall is a short film about a young girl who is raised in a abusive household. The girl, after getting out of the abusive home, attempts suicide by hanging herself from a balcony. When her mother finds out about her death, she goes on a mission to find the culprit and bring the girl out of death and into her own world once again. This movie is my favorite of the gangster movies that were produced in the 80s and the trailer makes it look like a movie that you would want to see. In fact, I have seen it three times now.

The Harder They Fall tells the story of two teenage girls in Eastwood, West Virginia. Autumn (Haylie Duff) is the hard-bodied one while Summer (Tina Majorino) is the soft one. Their difference in attitude, mentality, and outlook on life is what drives The Harder They Fall. The two become enemies because of their differences in their view of the world, but when they are teamed up together they form a new gang.

The Harder They Fall is unlike other hard westerns or gang flicks. It tells a more serious story about two girls who are also tough and want to make a change in their life. Although the main conflict of the film is the girl's suicide, it is also about the conflict of good and evil in the world. Although the movie has a few comical scenes, The Harder They Fall takes the genre and does something different than most westerns or gang flicks. In fact, I feel The Harder They Fall surpasses most of the other genre films made at that time because it offers a unique plot and it tackles serious topics without ever being preachy.

The Harder They Fall shares many things with the other genre films of its time. For example, the main character is based on a real person who was part of the old west and who is still alive today. The Harder They Fall also goes against the usual conventions of the genre by using long and intense shots throughout the film. Because of these long and tense moments, The Harder They Fall is considered to be among the best known and perhaps one of the most entertaining of all the westerns made at that time. The entire movie is about a couple of girls who are traveling across the country in order to help their father and follow their dreams. As you would expect, there are plenty of gun fights, robberies, and crazy situations throughout The Harder They Fall.

However, as much as I love this movie, I think The Harder They Fall is one of the weakest films of its time. There are some strong aspects in this movie, such as the extreme violence shown in the opening shot, but overall The Harder They Fall feels like an average movie. The storyline is interesting and has some good one liners, but the movie never develops into anything great. The main female character of The Harder They Fall is almost a carbon copy of Joanna Stayton's The Taking ofties, where she was also a tough, brave woman, but the tale of The Harder They Fall is just not that great.

However, this doesn't mean that The Harder They Fall is a bad movie. It is just not as good as those earlier movies of the western genre. It does have some great fight scenes, and the story is engrossing, but it just lacks the epic scale of those earlier movies. If you are looking for a revenge movie, but don't want to see too much action, this is definitely a great choice.

Rating: 7.5  | IMDb
Genres: Western  | Duration: 139 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.5 / 10 (1111 votes)
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