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Sweet Girl (2021)  

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The Sweet Girl is a powerful film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Meg Ryan. A young man, newly wedded, vows to bring justice to people involved in his wife's death - while also protecting his only other family - his daughter. As a result, he is torn between his duties as a father and his romantic desires. In addition, he is plagued by dreams of meeting a hot, unknown girl. When his best friend moves away, he turns to the Internet and online chat rooms to find his missing girl.

The Sweet Girl is based on the true story of David Hasselhoff and Meg Ryan. The movie chronicles their unlikely relationship and the way it transformed David Hasselhoff (RPM), a good-looking young man, into a changed man who becomes the sweet Takeshi "Satori" Tago. In order to track down the girl, he teams up with hitman Frank Murphy (Ossie Davis), a fellow veteran who is determined to help him achieve his goal. The two of them become partners in crime, attempting to save the sweet Takeshi from an evil organization bent on her destruction. In the end, they succeed in saving the girl they fell in love with.

The movie begins in late spring, and we are introduced to our main protagonist, David Hasselhoff (Ryan), as he leaves for the United States on a business trip. There he meets Meg Ryan (Greta Garbo), a gorgeous young woman with star-shaped eyes. The two quickly fall in love, and David Hasselhoff realizes that he must secure the release of the platinum earring he has been eyeing all year. He returns home to Pittsburgh, where he is dismayed to learn that his sweet girl has run off with a hit man. Instead of going to the police, however, David Hasselhof decides to perform one final sting on the culprit and, successfully, save the innocent.

Thirty years later, the same sweet girl is captured by a group of hooded men who want her over for their own good. Now she is in chains, wearing only a loin cloth, bound hand and foot, and gagged. She is subjected to a lengthy sexual abuse, which eventually drives her to commit suicide by hanging herself at a hotel in Pittsburgh, instead of seeking the mercy of her captors.

With this sad ending, our heroine is left not knowing who she is or how she got to end up dead. The movie then flashes back to the point where David Hasselhof steps into the hotel room, where the sweet girl awaits her fate while she is being abused. He enters just as the woman is about to hang herself and hears her say "I love you." This is followed by her saying "Thank you," which seems like enough to have the tables turned, but no sooner than that does another man enter with the same words.

Six months later, David Hasselhof returns to the hotel room once he hears the girl's voice, which sounds very similar to the voice of his daughter Adria, whom he had adopted as his own daughter six months earlier. It is then that he learns that the woman had been in a mental hospital just before her death, and that she had committed suicide in order to get a doctor to take care of her son. David Hasselhof then tracks down the woman and his daughter, and they come to the conclusion that the woman was in fact implanted with a microchip to monitor the movements of her brain while she was in the mental hospital, and that the chip was removed after her death. The subsequent events unravel a plot which involves drug distribution across the country, the theft of money meant for a charitable cause, and the capture of an alleged serial killer.

Rating: 7.8  | IMDb
Genres: Action  | Duration: 110 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.8 / 10 (1537 votes)
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