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Space Sweepers (2021)  

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In Amazon's new blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt and Anne Hathaway, Space Sweepers is about an all-humanoid robot who is sent on a space mission with the US military to save mankind from an impending attack on Earth from the Badlands. Once snatching up a crashed space shuttle from another universe, the crew of Space Sweepers discover a 7-year-old girl trapped inside. They then realise that she is the first human-like robotic life-size robot ever designed by Uuits Space Guards and consequently want to demand a monetary reward in return for her freedom.

The movie starts off as the US military command takes control of all humanoid androids and assigns them to patrol the perimeter of the space facility, and then begins to program each one of them to perform specific duties should an emergency arise. One such robot, called Solarbolt, is especially created to keep an eye on the solar flares which are responsible for disrupting the solar system. This robot proves invaluable as it is programmed to stop bad guys from destroying the space station, which includes shutting down the communication links with Earth. It also makes the final push to destroy Badlands, the home of the Badlands natives and their sole fuel source.

Due to its incredible programming skills, this robot is able to destroy almost all of the Badlands without any difficulty, including the evil Doctor Dark Cloud and his goons. However, the movie creators make sure to keep it a secret from the Earthlings, so only the few high-level officials are allowed to see it. The only one who gets to see the robot is Dr. David Stoneburner, an astronaut who goes on a suicide mission in order to sabotage the impending invasion. Other robots are also sent to protect Earth from the menace, such as the RoboScorpion, and the T-Rex. Although the film shows much more of the Earth than we have seen in other animated science fiction films, it does tend to lose some of the humor that made the original series so popular.

A new character, called the World-eater, appears in the sequel and proves to be more dangerous than the original robot, because he can eat anything he wants. He goes on a hunger-feeding frenzy and completely destroys the Badlands once and for all. This makes the original character, whom we met at the beginning of the series, jealous and angry that he was left out of the lunch. The destruction of the Badlands is what starts the series in full gear, and the subsequent battles between the robot and the World-eater are even more thrilling.

The original TV series was canceled after a third season, but the film rights were sold to another company, allowing the creation of the Space Sweepers series. The popularity of the original series has led to spinoffs, such as the Starchaser and the Aerialbots. Though both robots are quite different from each other, they are still in pretty good shape when they appear in their own respective movies. Each robot in their own film also represents something different from the original robot. They go through upgrades, battle new enemies, and develop their own ways of destroying bad guys' spaceships.

Both the original TV series and the movie adaptation are quite different from one another. The original had more adventure, while the movie had more humor. They also had amazing music by John Williams. Williams did the score for the original TV series, while he did the same for the movie version. Space Sweepers is another classic animated science fiction film that any fan of the genre will love. It is worth watching, whether you have seen the TV series or not.

Rating: 8.1  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Science Fiction  | Duration: 136 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 8.1 / 10 (1288 votes)
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