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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (2021)  

Watch Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins full movies

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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins will be an online web-based G.I. Joe themed video game set to debut on July 21, 2021 from Paramount Pictures. The video game will follow the story of Snake Eyes, chronicling his early background before he became the well-known silent villain we know today. This new adventure game will feature a story all of its own and some familiar faces from the animated television show, as well as new villains to fight.

Based on the long-running cartoon series of the same name, Snake Eyes tells the story of young Snake Eyes (voiced by Mike Myers) who finds himself thrown out of a fancy nightclub and ends up with a group of highly dangerous terrorists. Snake Eyes then must find a way to return home and uncover the terrible secret that has become a part of his past. Along the way, Snake eyes meet with some familiar faces from the series like Ninja Joe, a fearless leader of the ninja clan, and Dr. Lightfoot (Karen Allen), a world-renowned neurosurgeon. Together they must save the world and prevent it from being destroyed again.

Video game reviews for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins has been extremely positive. This is because the game is a true representation of the source material. It gives a full history lesson in the making of the popular television series, while providing the younger kids with an idea about how the story evolved. This also means that they have a great deal of content to learn from the movie, should they choose to watch it at a later date. Kids love to learn new things, so this is a perfect addition to their video game library.

The quality of the movie, according to video game reviews on YouTube and other review sites, is very good. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins tells the origin story of the beloved character from the popular cartoon show. You get to see how he came to be, how he became so powerful, and how he uses his abilities to protect the Earth. The animation used is especially good, with great special effects and well designed animation.

This animated series follows the adventures of a young American GI who returns home during World War II to serve as a soldier in the military. After several unfortunate events take place, Snake-eyes finds himself stranded on an island and the rest of his life is spent struggling to figure out where he comes from and how he can return home safely. Along the way, Snake-eyes battles a crazy mutated gorilla who may be responsible for his transformation, and learns that the island is controlled by a vicious tribe of snakes. The G.I. Joe clan, of which Snake-eyes is a member, is determined to help their friend.

Although this movie doesn't have the popularity of its predecessors like Mega Mouse or Shrek, it does have a strong cast and excellent animation. A strong central theme runs throughout the entire movie, including family ties and betrayal, with some romantic elements thrown in as well. The story is entertaining, and although the timeline of the movie is unclear, we do learn a lot about the origins of the main character, as well as what makes snake-eyes so powerful. Overall, this is a fun movie that isn't exactly action or a mission, but it's still a fun watch overall. It just has enough action that you want to know what happens with Snake-eyes and Baroness throughout the movie, without getting too confusing or plot-driven.

Rating: 7.5  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure  | Duration: 121 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.5 / 10 (1576 votes)
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