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Ripper Untold (2021)  

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"Ripper Untold" is a hard-core porno movie directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Russell Brand, Michael Douglas and Tiffany Ambrosio. The plot revolves around a man ( Russell Brand ) who returns to an orphanage after serving in the military. There he quickly gets to work with a girl (Tiffany Ambrosio) who has been institutionalized and also suffering from a mysterious condition.

Ripper is a sadistic sort of film. It contains very graphic depictions of what are probably graphic sex scenes. Even if you don't like this genre, don't pass up this one just because it's porn. If you can handle gore, this is a great watch. But if you can't stomach that part, don't watch it.

Russell Brand plays the title character, Ripper, a hard-boiled, yet sympathetic anti-hero. The other characters are Tiffany, a sexy stripper; David, the owner of an adult club where everyone is naked; Paula, another naked woman; and Alex, the sexy, tattooed girl who runs the club. They are all working toward the same goal, to create a masterpiece film at the theater or at home. Each one is extreme in their own way.

One of the most disturbing scenes involves Ripper lying on the bed of his friend, biting his lip so deeply that blood gushes out. Then he puts his head between his hands and sucks his thumb. This seems like a terrible idea, but it happens. Also, in a deleted scene, Ripper urinates on a picture of Tiffany's. gross...but not nearly as gross as the image of him urinating on her actual body!

This movie is available to stream online. You can also purchase the DVD online. However, you need to be sure to watch the movie through legal means. Pornographers have become very good at hiding what they are doing, and even using copyrighted materials without authorization. You might find some offensive scenes in this movie that you might want to keep for your own consumption.

If you enjoyed "Ripperuntold," you should see "The Blob" with Ed Norton. I haven't seen either movie, but I hear they're great. Maybe they are. Who knows?

One movie that I feel needs mention is "The Naked Face." Not a whole lot happens in this movie, but it's worth checking out. It's about a man (Efren Ramirez) who dresses up as a woman to go on dangerous assignments. He ends up killing two men because he was mistaken for a woman. That's extreme stuff...but it happens to men all the time. Watch it.

Finally, let's talk about "Cable Guy." This movie stars Steve Martin as a man who stumbles into a women's underwear shop and starts having an affair with one of the clerks. He then goes on to have a complete nervous breakdown. While this movie is probably meant to be funny, it isn't. There is some questionable material involving sexual assault and violence. So, if you're sensitive to that material, don't watch this one.

Overall, this is a great collection. Most of it is predictable, but when Ripperuntold goes out of his way to make a unique character with a hilarious storyline, he succeeds in his mission. Watch it. You might just find yourself smiling at some of the humor.

Rating: 7  | IMDb
Genres: Horror  | Duration: 85 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7 / 10 (777 votes)
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