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Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 (2021)  

Watch Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 full movies

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The Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Ton is a modern fantasy comedy about a group of teenagers who get separated from their homes and into the woods. They survive but are not safe anymore. The movie opens with the narrator (Robbie Nelson) recalling his recent nightmare. He wakes up one night in a strange room, hears noises downstairs, sees a figure lurking near his bed, and gets scared for he does not remember anything else about that night. A psychic tells him that he's in the center of a big game involving top secret government research.

Then, the team members manage to sneak out of a government mental institution called The Woodshop and go on a deadly adventure in search of a mysterious girl. Meanwhile, The Nobody Sleeps in the Woods' main character, Cherry (Tina Majorino) has been avoiding her studies because she is haunted by a monster. When her friend overdoses on her prescription painkillers, Cherry takes the pills as prescribed but quickly becomes addicted. When her friend's body starts to deteriorate due to drug use, Cherry starts to go into panic. Then, they discover that The Woodshop is a top-secret government research center where top-secret documents and experiments with dangerous toxins are done.

The Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Ton follows the first movie's basic plot and moves on to the second movie. In this one, a new girl called Libra (Tina Majorino) appears on campus and starts to interact with the other students. Later, she starts to become interested in the story of a boy from the facility who disappeared while in there, and she wants to find out why. Soon enough, the two of them join forces and find themselves in the midst of a top-secret government experiment.

When they learn that the experiment was to create a substance called Dust, which can control people's minds, they try to stop it and fight against it. The Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Ton sequel continues the story and the fight for control of Dust. There will also be some additional characters introduced. The second movie ended with a twist that made everyone think that the whole story was a fantasy and that the boy was real. However, soon after that discovery, the government realized that the boy really existed and needed to be returned.

A lot of reviews have said that the movie has a Gothic, suspense and horror theme. A lot of fans also call it a Psychological Thriller. This movie becomes even more intense and scary when the serial killer known as the Leatherclad Man who is the leader of the experiments begins to take over the campus. Just before he can completely take over the university, the other students and staff band together and overpower him. Then they discover that the experimentation that destroyed everybody else was actually a way to make Nobody Sleeps in the Woods a movie that everyone wants to see.

The Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Part 2 movie promises to keep us all in stitches as the Leatherclad Man unleashes his newest attack on the unsuspecting students and staff. What we are probably looking forward to is a remake of the first film since everybody is familiar with it. The original Nobody Sleeps in the Woods is a masterpiece that is something that most people have to see at least once in their life. Hopefully the sequel will live up to the quality of the original.

Rating: 4.2  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Horror , Thriller  | Duration: 97 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 4.2 / 10 (825 votes)
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