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My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021)  

Watch My Little Pony: A New Generation full movies

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My Little Pony: A New Generation is the latest release of the Eonies series, and it's based on the famous My Little Pony cartoon. The first part in the franchise began with the episode "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", which became a huge hit for Applejack and her friends. Eonies is a stable, happy homely horse who lives with three other ponies. When Pinkie Pie starts a friendship with one of the unicorns, she becomes friends with the horse too. The Eonies series has followed this path ever since.

In the new series, MLP: A New Generation, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are back together, and they're searching for friendship, honesty, and harmony - all of which are the ideals they espouse in the original My Little Pony. This time around the ponies are travelling through an alternate version of Equestria, called Bridlewood. The story follows the friendship of these four ponies as they travel through the town, encountering various characters along the way.

The first half of the story focuses on the adventures of Applejack and her friends, searching for their long lost friend, Sunset Shimmer. They meet several other ponies along the way, and some of them become important members of the Eonies family. Twilight Sparkle makes a surprising connection with a human named Fluttershy, and the two form the Eonies Discovery Family. Sunset Shimmer, also known as Breezeways, is still missing, but Twilight and her friends are able to locate her through a mysterious portal. The Eonies then work to find and help her reunite with her best friend.

Twilight Sparkle and her new friends visit the school where Twilight spent her summers as a child, called Sweet Apple Bottom. A visit there leads to Twilight Sparkle making a significant discovery about herself. An alicante, or goddess-like Alicorn, named Rarity, appears before them, offering them a chance to transform into a horse by using a special blue herb. Twilight and the others accept the offer, and Twilight Sparkle transforms into a beautiful horse, named Rarity. The next time that the three ponies see each other, they decide to spend the rest of the summer together, and release a number of special books and stories that feature them as special equine friends. Towards the end of march, M Friendship has been released, featuring the first of the four Eonies, along with Twilight Sparkle, as well as several new characters.

The second part of the New Generation story involves the friendship of five new ponies from the second episode of the series: Bon Ami, Sunset Shimmer, Big Macintosh, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie. After spending some time in the spa together, Bon Ami learns that he has some sort of talent (as evidenced by his amazing drawing), and decides to show it off to Sunset Shimmer. During one of their dates, Pinkie Pie gets accidentally bitten, causing Rainbow Dash to rush to the doctor in order to get the attention she needs. After being treated, the ponies return to camp and find that Twilight Sparkle made the spell go wrong, and is now stuck with an unknown pony she doesn't know. In her search for companionship, she teams up with Bon Ami, and the two form the first team of friends ever seen on television. The fifth incarnation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic features the characters from the first four seasons, as well as some brand new additions.

The new My Little Pony toyline, also produced by Hasbro, incorporates elements from the Friendship series, allowing collectors to enjoy the classic games, stories, and designs, without having to be familiar with the franchise. The ponies interact in many games and scenarios, like in the popular party game called Ponies vs. Pegasus, where players must create a team of ponies to go into a magical Friendship Gardens to find a lost unicorn. Another game involves players building a kingdom, and sending out invitations to invite friends and visitors. Collecting the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toyline, and playing the games, will provide hours of great entertainment, and teach your children about friendship while having fun. These My Little Pony toys can also be perfect gifts for your child, who may already have a collection of their own.

Rating: 8.1  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Music  | Duration: 91 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 8.1 / 10 (789 votes)
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