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Insensate (2021)  

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Whenever one sees a tiger in the wild, there is always an involuntary movement of the head, body and heart. The animal will show in all its glory, with bulges and masses of blood-colored scar tissue. These bulges and masses are indicative of the tiger's fight or flight response. It is similar in all cats to the common tiger but is more violent and destructive. When a male is aroused, it extends all its long, prehensile teeth, ripping away from its former mate and causing extensive damage to the poor victim.

Insensate or inse, as the Romans termed it, is the condition where a man has not been accustomed to a full erection, and so is unable to have a full sensation in the penis. The chief reason for this being that the organs of reproduction are in an inactive state. The male leaves his tail, goes into a great rage, is unable to support an erection and leaves his mate to be torn away by the insensate tiger. This may be due to nervous disorders, excitement or fatigue. It may last anywhere from half an hour to half an hour, sometimes longer.

When the tiger to seize the hapless insensible boy, it immediately snaps the head off his spinal column with tremendous force and then clinches the throat with its pincers, holding him down so firmly that the blood ceases to flow. Then the other organs proceed to secrete adrenaline, which in all probability does not relieve the insanitary person from being instantly dead. It is generally believed that the word insensate is derived from the word indigestion, a word used to denote severe and prolonged sufferings. Thus it was held to mean the condition of one who could not hold his food in his stomach.

Today the medical profession calls the condition of Insensate a severe and dangerous disorder, and so it is treated as an emergency. An intravenous injection of epinephrine fills the airways of the insensate to such a degree that it can be held down permanently by the pumping action of an epinephrine pump. There are two general types of insensate pumps. One, which is an outpatient procedure, is commonly administered at home. The other, which is an inpatient procedure, is performed in the hospital, under the supervision of a physician. There are many advantages to the inpatient treatment.

The patient is under normal physical and mental controls, and there are no serious side effects. As a result, the treatment costs are substantially lower than if treatment was directed for the outpatient population. The second type of pump available for the insensate is called the unfeeling insensate, or auto-inflatable insensate. This is made up of a special inflatable device that fills the insensate with air, which acts like a cushion around the insensate walls. The air volume of the device is adjusted automatically according to the volume of the oral dose of epinephrine.

The most common treatment option for term insensate is to use an epinephrine/epinephrine mixture pump. These devices are increasingly less costly but do have some drawbacks. They cannot be used by children younger than four years of age and must be stored under the care of a physician. There is also a danger of an allergic reaction to the filling material. There are also cheaper alternatives available in the form of nasal sprays, syrups, tablets, or inhalers.

Rating: 6.7  | IMDb
Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller  | Duration: 84 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 6.7 / 10 (693 votes)
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