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I Am All Girls (2021)  

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The new South African crime drama "Am All Women," a Netflix exclusive, is an intense exploration of the devastating effects of human trafficking not only on its victims but those who try to prevent it. The movie tells the true stories of two young women who are connected by a similar cause. As a result of this common cause, one girl becomes a hunted and vicious target while the other remains relatively safe as long as she works with a contact to help get her trafficker off the streets. As a result, their unique bond and deep friendship grow while they learn the importance of each others help and protection.

In reviewing the movie, I must tell you that I Am All Girls has a very strong cast. Representatives of different cultures are brought into the forefront during this movie's many scenes. A number of different faces of south Africa are revealed through the plot. These include defenders of the country as well as villains, who seek to bring down the stability of the peaceful government. It is apparent from the beginning that the movie is meant to take into consideration the serious topic of human trafficking.

However, what really makes "I Am All Girls" a thrilling to watch is the subject matter. This movie follows the lives of two teenage girls who become central to the events and plots. They are motivated by more than just the need to survive when their family is threatened by members of the trafficking operation. Instead, the movie is also a look into the lives of people in south Africa who are dealing with the same issues. Although the movie does not delve too deeply into the human trafficking issue, it is a very intense and relevant subject matter for a thriller. Instead, the characters explore what it means to be a girl and what choices are available to them in their growing years.

What makes "I Am All Girls" an interesting and engrossing movie is that it manages to combine the serious and humorous elements of a mystery movie while still maintaining a strong central theme of overcoming gender issues. The movie begins in a rural area where the main character and her friend are looking for clues of a serial killer that has been plaguing the local town. Using new technology, the girls spot the suspect and follow him to an isolated spot where he resides. From there, they learn that the killer had been using his daughter as a sex slave and that he was trying to force her to become his wife.

Once the head of the trafficking ring realizes that his daughter was being used as a sex worker, he sends the local police to the location. Although they are able to arrest the suspect, he escapes custody and the investigation quickly turns up evidence of other missing women in the area. With the help of the local detective, an intricate web of corruption is unraveled leading to the capture and prosecution of the criminal. Although I Am All Girls is not a movie that many people would say is good but I really do feel that if you have never seen a movie like this one then you may want to give it a try.

For someone looking for a good crime thriller I Am All Girls is definitely a candidate. Although the subject matter is somewhat gory and some parts are definitely graphic, overall it is a lighthearted and humorous movie that is appropriate for all audiences. The two women detectives who work for the local police department really make a good case of catching this bad guy, although they lose one of their own during the investigation. This movie truly captures the true nature of what a successful investigation is about and even if you have never seen a movie with a serial killer and two good female detectives, I highly recommend this one.

Rating: 7.3  | IMDb
Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller  | Duration: 107 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.3 / 10 (806 votes)
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