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Ferry (2021)  

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The Gist: Ferry (Fran Lebow) is on top form. He's settled down in Amsterdam and enjoys high class living in an elegant apartment in the city's center. He's also got a demanding job as the chief enforcer for the most powerful crime lord in town. Life is good for Ferry and then, disaster strikes. An illegal shipment of German nuclear waste lands in the wrong hands and destroys half of the city's apartment buildings.

The movie starts with Ferry and his friend Thierry try to get to the bottom of what happened. They track down the source of the leak and learn that it came from a Chinese warehouse filled with dangerous chemicals. They are soon after the secrets of the owner of the warehouse and a gun-toting hit man joins them for the final showdown. Ferry uses his super speed and street smarts to outsmart the Chinese gang and the dirty Hit man, while Thierry uses his love of animals to help escape. As the Chinese are put to the test, the movie quickly moves on to the action at the apartment complex.

The Film: Despite the late introduction of new characters, the film rarely loses sight of the core characters. Frank Lammers is once again amazing as the old police detective, while Jennifer Aniston proves capable of playing the lead role as the young gay lawyer arrives on the scene. It soon becomes clear that Ferry is the only person who can stop the criminals, while the lawyer proves he has more in him than a desire to make a name for himself. Meanwhile, Thierry is forced to deal with his own set of circumstances. He falls in love with an American girl, while Ferry also falls in love with an Asian woman. Both find common ground and become witness to a terrible event that changes their lives forever.

Summary: In the first part, we learn about how Ferry becomes witness to the brutal murder of an Asian woman. Eventually he learns that he has become the only one who can stop this crime. Meanwhile, he learns about his own past and his family's history, forcing him to confront his own demons. Finally, Ferry returns to Boston, where he reunites with his old friends and finds someone he wants to be with. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger helps the young gay lawyer arrive at a decision that changes his life forever.

Outcast is based on the true story of Ferry Taggert, who became a household name after his portrayal of "The Perks of Being Rich" and who continues to be seen in films and media today. This movie remains one of the best-written and most successful coming-of-age movies of the decade. While it might not be a movie you remember the next day, you will surely remember it long after you have left the theater. One thing is for sure: you will never forget the way the movie made you feel.

No list of greatest gay comedy films should leave out the film The Perks of Being Rich, which happens to be one of the best ever directed by Steven Soderbergh. After making one of the best films of the decade (otes), The Perks of Being Rich sits at a perfect 2.5 GPA as a movie. Its storyline, dialogue, and performances are all top-notch. Most importantly, the film shows off Soderbergh at his best - a director to be reckoned with who knows how to make a great film. As such, every time a young gay lawyer arrives at a film festival, they know they are headed into the best movie of the year.

Rating: 7.2  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Crime , Drama  | Duration: 106 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.2 / 10 (777 votes)
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