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Fear Street: 1978 (2021)  

Watch Fear Street: 1978 full movies

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Fear Street: 1978 is the second of the three Fear Street movies based on the original Fear Street novel. The story follows the same cast of characters, with one new addition. In the first film, Tom Cruise played Alex Cross, while in the second he starred as Richard Parker, a motorist who chanced upon the "Fear Street" in New York and began to have visions of danger and the supernatural. Cross would go on to save the people trapped on the Fear Street and become the wanted man.

Fear Street: 1978 marked the return of Alex Cross and this time around he was working with the new team of Fear Street investigators. This time around, however, he had a new partner in his mind - Judith Carter, played by Amy Waterman. They were soon asked to take part in the third annual Fear Street Festival, celebrating their time in the streets together and putting on an evening of fun and entertainment for the entire town. Their appearance in the official trailer for Fear Street: 1978 is sure to put those dreams into action!

Fear Street: 1978 tells the story of a young woman named Deena Trotter (Waterman), who lives in a small town in upstate New York. One day she is walking down the street when she encounters an ancient demon. This demon later takes the form of a young man in human form and takes over Deena's body. The only way that the young man can break free from his demon is for him to find the legendary "Fear Street". Fear Street consists of seven Fear Staves, each of which possesses special abilities when it is used.

When the evil demon takes over Deena's body, her friends - some not yet acquainted with the true story of Fear Street - become desperate and set out to find this powerful entity. But they soon discover that the "Fear Street" is actually a real old abandoned road. And when they use the same spells that were used by the first film's characters to enter the Fear Street, the evil spirits begin chasing them there. With help from other local women, the teens manage to fight their way through and get safely back home. The first film featured a trio of teenagers, but the latest release adds a new cast- comprised of two girls: Alexa Lee and Ashlee Simpson.

In the new movie, the teenagers must join forces to defeat the evil Nightwing - who is after their blood. At the start of the movie, the three girls are seen talking in a school cafeteria. The subject of the conversation at this time is the upcoming Halloween event, which occurs every year at the exact same time as the first annual Fear Street festival. When the girls discuss how they can join in and support each other in their quest to scare the demons away, an escaped serial killer named Jacob Wetter takes the opportunity to attack them.

Fear Street: 1978 tells the story of the teenage girls who terrorize the streets of Gotham City for money and fun in the 1980s. It is like a modern day version of The Ring (the original dark comedy horror film) and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It introduces a new cast and offers a brand new look at the iconic supervising character, Batman. This second installment of the Fear Street series features voiceovers from Alexa Lee, Ashlee Simpson and more. So, if you thought the first installment was good, this second version should prove to be even scarier!

Rating: 7.6  | IMDb
Genres: Horror , Mystery  | Duration: 110 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.6 / 10 (1628 votes)
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