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Coming 2 America (2021)  

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When coming to movie tie-ins, The DaVinci Code features a lot of interesting ideas. The first of these is the setting in America in the year 2nd century. Now, the world is divided into two halves, with those on the east side having Christianity as their only faith and those on the west side having Islam as their only faith. Forcing a boy into marriage to his cousin, the father (or whoever else you choose to call the mother and father in this case) has to decide what to do with the boy and where to send him.

Having a boy who is a spitting image of himself in real life, but not really, The DaVinci Code has a great deal of subplots, most notably the one involvingilia. Needing a boy heir to the throne, King Aezem comes to Queens, N.Y, to get his long lost son and bring him home to Zamunda. He is quickly told that he is not the son he meant because he is physically deformed, so he has been sent away to serve as a boy who can grow up to be a powerful warrior. As you can probably expect, this turns out to be quite difficult for both parties. In order to defeat a demon possessed child, Aezem has to enlist the help of some very reluctant people including the man who was meant to give the boy his life and supposedly his soul, along with his own son.

Of course, being a Christian myself, I have always seen these type of movies, the ones that deal with reincarnation and such. Usually they are quite good, often bringing entertainment and thought provoking ideas to light. However, this movie brings a little more to the table than typical Christian movies, much more than a few similar genre movies that came out in the past. Indeed, this movie, while not a faithful retelling of the Bible, takes a slightly different point of view. So it gets both religious and non-religious viewers looking at it with an open mind, which I think is pretty remarkable and sets it apart from the rest.

So, let's talk about the actual plot of the movie a bit more. After learning of his brother's death, a young American girl in Texas sends her friend a message, asking them to meet her and take her to America, where her dying father wanted her to be. With this request, the friend agrees to meet her and take care of her as he plans to leave her family, forever. This is actually the beginning of the movie and if you like your Christian movies a bit different and have a little more edge to it, then you will really enjoy this movie. Indeed, it brings a bit more substance to an otherwise rather standard Christian movie.

As mentioned, the main characters are two American boys, although most of the movie is spent fighting demons and other creatures. The other characters include a Mexican boy who is also very briefly in the film, along with an evil older woman who appears throughout. There are also other minor characters that do not speak much, such as a couple that appears briefly in the background throughout the movie. The movie is well acted and entertaining, but does sometimes use a bit too much violence (which I guess is done in order to keep the rating down).

Overall, Coming 2 America is a pretty entertaining movie and did bring a bit more substance to what had been a fairly normal movie to watch. It just comes down to how you want to watch it. If you love the gore and the naked ladies, then this movie is for you. If you are a Christian movie and don't care about any of that stuff, then stay away from it. Come on people, we know you love watching movies!

Rating: 7.2  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy  | Duration: 110 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.2 / 10 (2072 votes)
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