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Breathless (2021)  

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Based on the true story, "Breatheless" is an award winning documentary directed by Morgan Freeman. This film has won six Academy Awards and was made to help people improve their lives through better health habits. For those that missed the movie, the trailer can be found at the movie website where many movie clips and important behind-the-scenes information can be viewed.

The story begins when Atlanta dentist turned businessman, Emmettrell Burroughs (Freeman), finds a lump in his throat. Upon learning of the condition and its potential dangers, he immediately goes to the hospital to have the lump surgically removed. However, upon further examination, he learns that the lump has caused him to retain a lung that was intended to be transplanted to another part of his body. Breathing into a machine that was created for this purpose, Emmettrell successfully gets rid of the lump, but after several weeks, he develops a severe case of breathlessness which causes him to miss many days of work.

Seeking answers to his question of how he acquired the ability to retain breath, he consults with a neurologist who performs a number of tests to find out the cause. During one of these tests, the neurologist learns that the reason Emmettrell has been retaining breath is due to his abnormally narrow airways. Following a procedure to correct this deformity, Breathless was born. In this film, Emmettrell must relearn that skill as he deals with the issues of his new lifestyle, including his new employer (although he already knows that he wants to leave), his fiance's disapproving father (although he's unsure about returning to school), and workplace romance. Throughout all of this, Breathless also falls in love with a fellow nurse.

When I first watched Breathless I wasn't sure what to expect, mainly because I'm not a big fan of medical or science fiction movies. I know I enjoyed the special effects and the suspense of watching Tom Cruise takes apart a shark in the movie, but seeing as how most science fiction movies revolve around alien beings I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to Breathless. Luckily I was not disappointed. Most people probably would have been disappointed with the story and the acting. However, I found that the acting was great, especially compared to other science fiction films at the time.

The online version of Breathless had some excellent reviews. Many were happy that they had the opportunity to see what kind of surgery Breathless went through, and the benefits to his life afterward. Others were disappointed with the lack of originality in the plot, while still others were pleased with the overall quality of the film. It can be said that online viewers were split down the middle, with some being happy that Breathless is finally available on DVD, while others weren't satisfied with the quality of the film. With such a mixed bag of opinions it's no wonder that Breathless didn't get a great deal of attention from either viewers or producers, but luckily we have online DVD copies to tide us over.

Recently Breathless has been getting a lot of press, mostly from online article writing sites. While this is a great thing for the film, I feel that there are better ways to get fans of the movie interested in streaming online. The most important thing is to simply keep track of when the DVD release date comes up. If you aren't watching the news then chances are that Breathless will not be making its way onto your local video store shelves any time soon. If you want to enjoy the wonders of Breathless without having to wait until the new month arrives then make sure to catch it while it's still available on streaming online.

Rating: 6.3  | IMDb
Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller  | Duration: 106 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 6.3 / 10 (758 votes)
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