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Blood Red Sky (2021)  

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This month, Blood Red Sky Peter Thorburger vampire thriller, starring Bruce Willis, that just hit Netflix. After less than two weeks in theaters, both The Forever Purge and Zola are already available on DVD. If you have never seen The Forever Purge, you are in for a real treat. It stars Chris Evans, Michael Myers, and Anne Hathaway. I have to admit, I was very surprised at the movie, but I am glad I saw it. It's much better than the original version, and is probably worth a rent if you haven't seen it.

Based on the novel The New Legacy, the movie stars Will Smith as a former astronaut who has been stranded on a planet with no human contact. He must fight his way out and find help, while battling strange creatures and other hazards along the way. It's a fantastic action-filled movie that will keep you guessing until the end!

But what was really amazing about Blood Red Sky is the direction director Wes Ball taking the story. In season 1, he gave us an almost cartoon-like science fiction tale of Vanishing. That series was great, but he takes the idea of Vanishing and makes it feel like something from Stephen King. In his first movie, he wanted something more dramatic, so the second season focuses on romance, while still following the main plot of Vanishing. You can really tell that Wes Ball has a gift for creating characters and stories that viewers care about, so you should definitely look forward to Blood Red Sky once it starts on DVD.

Another great movie that I recently saw on Netflix was Pitch Perfect, which stars Alexander Gould as David Kleinfeld, an aspiring baseball league star who gets stiffed by his league for the fee he thought he was due. After getting stiffed, he joins the TLC Celebrity Baseball League, but everything goes pear shaped after he dumps girlfriend Kaitlin's boyfriend and starts working with the team. You can probably guess by now that with his money, he's about to buy the team outright, but he's also about to have some serious trouble. As things get heated, he finds himself going up against a man he just cannot beat... One of the best elements of the movie is when he realizes he can't buy the team, because there isn't enough cash to go around. This turns into a thrilling conflict that shows just how good pitch perfect really is.

Finally, I'll mention Amazon Prime Video's newest movie, Blood Red Sky. Directed by Luc Jacquet, Blood Red Sky follows the life of planetary scientist Peter Huddleston (Affleck), who is stranded on an unknown planet with no human life. With no memory of his past, he has no idea how to return home, and with his ship damaged, he has no means of passage. He survives long enough to be captured and taken back to Earth by a group of terrorists, who want him to work for them, in exchange for providing information that will free them from the Earth. The movie mainly centers on Peter Huddleston's character trying to figure out what happened to his home planet, and how he came to be on this planet in the first place.

I don't want to give too much away, but Blood Red Sky was one of the most exciting movies of 2021. I went in expecting something along the lines of the Pitch Perfect movies, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the story and even got chills when some of the movie's more graphic moments occurred. If you haven't seen the first part, I highly recommend going back and watching it. It's just one of those fantastic films you have to see to believe.

Rating: 7.7  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Horror , Thriller  | Duration: 121 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.7 / 10 (1512 votes)
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