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A Classic Horror Story (2021)  

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A Classic Horror Story is one of the best-selling movie genres throughout history. While one expected story twists and occasionally bloody, gory mayhem in horror films, Classic Horror Story takes the twists on to even more absurd and extreme levels, and the gore almost always leads to a broader discussion on the growing consumption of mass media and its seemingly insatiable hunger for violent imagery... With this in mind, it's no surprise that the popularity of Internet horror fictions have soared as well. Whether it's spooky tales of vampires and ghosts that can be found on popular online portals, or tales of blood-soaked landscapes and other atmospheric terrains that can be found on the many websites dedicated to this form of multimedia fiction, it's no wonder that more people are turning to the web for inspiration when creating their own online horror stories.

"The Shining" is perhaps the most recognizable example of a classic horror story, where a man (usually Jim Carrey) stumbles into a small Colorado hotel in the middle of the night, looking for work. While wandering the corridors, he meets a woman (Faye Lemon) whose presence in the building is felt, though she proves to be nothing more than an illusionist who works as a stage hypnotist. Jim, looking for a job, goes into her office and kills her with a knife intended for a hitman. However, the illusionist dies at the same time, leaving Jim wracked with guilt over the death of his love. The viewer then witnesses the rise of amoral government officials who hunt down and kill those involved in the killing...

Another classic horror story that has found its way onto the internet involves a group of young people who make their home in an old cabin in the woods. The movie begins with the boys - asleep on the mattress they share with their father - sleeping on their bunk beds, when their father notices some strange activity in the room. One of the boys suddenly screams out from the bed, announcing that there are "Miguel and loquacious twins" living in the cabin. They've apparently been hiding out since the beginning of the season, having somehow escaped both the police and a group of masked figures who have been invited to observe the boys. The boys quickly take matters into their own hands and concoct a plan that would result in the deaths of all three men.

A similar premise is used in the much more recent The Thing. In this film, which came out a couple of months after The Shining, a group of college students discover a lonely house deep in the woods. One of these students, Jacob (Jason Statham), is the only one who can enter the structure. Once inside, he finds a strange glowing substance in the center of the basement. As he walks further into the basement, he finds more glowing objects, eventually reaching a large circular room where the three figures are laying prone on the floor. A voice inside the darkened room alerts him to the presence of three bodies: a man lying motionless, a woman who's barely alive, and a deformed child who's holding the other two bodies in his arms.

When the police shows up, they do find one body: the man, apparently dead after a fall in the woods. The fact that he's still alive triggers memories of his experiences in the woods when he was bitten by a venomous snake. A police detective, Badge (Brett Sloane), tracks down the other two victims and their rescuer, exits the woods to find that everyone in the village has died: everyone except for the three men in the house, who have been miraculously unharmed by the cataclysm that has struck Midas. Now, they must learn what happens to the man who managed to escape the woods: why he was forced to leave, and how his death could have saved the others.

This article continues our look at the classic horror film icons. These films are not only representative of horror films throughout the ages, but also of the genre as a whole. If you want to see more articles like this, visit the site below.

Rating: 6.6  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Horror , Mystery  | Duration: 95 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 6.6 / 10 (1097 votes)
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