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22 vs. Earth (2021)  

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  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

This latest animated fantasy movie has received a lot of rave reviews, both for the visual and sound effects. It is a live action fantasy movie as well as a sequel of the successful The Lord of the Rings franchise. The story revolves around an evil king who seeks to take over the world using his six magic charms. The only person who can stop him is a young girl called Elfon who lives in Stoneford, an ancient town that stands against the evil king. The movie 22 vs. Earth is set to debut on the worldwide web on March 13th. It is being distributed by Dreamworks Animation Domination: Online.

The new short film voiced by Joanna Maran, titled as 22 vs. Earth, revolves around the story of an angel named Eve who tries to help her daughter relay her message to the human world. But the angels she sends are not human but robotic. She tries to teach them to talk so they can learn from humans but all of them fail, even though she has faith in their ability. In the end, the humans turn to robots and leave the earth.

One thing I found interesting about this new short film is that it tackles a very old age problem in our society. It is called the "cloning argument" wherein some people say that we are living in the state of constant improvement and that we should be able to clone someone into existence where their soul could live on. According to this belief, if we could clone someone into existence, then we could raise that person's soul and let him or her go on to enjoy the life that we are enjoying right now. The movie 22 vs. Earth try to tackle this issue in a very thoughtful and thought provoking manner.

This new film takes place in Stoneford, an ancient town that stands against the evil king. King Maxis wants to rule the world using his army of Iron Men. His firstborn son named Maxim, becomes his most wanted target. However, when he learns that his soul has already been cloned by a scientist working at a research center for cloning, he vows never to return to earth. Cloning humans is allowed only through a process called "pete docter" in which a scientist implanted with electronic chip implanted in the human's brain can effectively re-create the desired traits from its DNA.

The story revolves around the ongoing battle between good and evil in the fictional town named Earth. As the story goes, young souls struggling to find themselves are transported to this world through a portal created by a dying dinosaur. When they land on earth, they meet a boy who was cloned and is searching for his own life. Cloning is prohibited in this world because only beings of light can use the powers of cloning, thus making everyone except for the evil king a potential candidate for cloning.

I am a big fan of animated films and cartoons and saw this new short on Disney channel very soon after watching the movie "Kingdom of Heaven". I love both "22 vs. Earth" and "The Suite Life of Dad". Both are fantastic films directed by Tim Burton and written by Tom Hooper. If you haven't seen either one of them I highly recommend seeing them, I will say that I feel like both of these movies are going to be hits in the near future. The new short just might entice you to go see the movie itself when it hits theaters in June of 2021.

Rating: 7.1  | IMDb
Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy  | Duration: 9 min  | Year: 2021

Average: 7.1 / 10 (1015 votes)
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