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Wander (2020)  

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  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Wander Over Yonder is a modern American cartoon series which aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD in the United States. It is created by Craig McCracken and was developed for syndication online. The series follows Wander, an orphan whose owner is killed. He then vows to find the replacement owner and vows to travel across America. His new friend, a horseback riding girl named Sid, joins him on his quest.

Wander is shown in the beginning as a loner who does not interact with others. However, he soon develops a friendship with Miles, a boy in training who also travels across America in pursuit of his dream. Eventually, they join the Adventura expedition, traveling from town to town, encountering many obstacles along the way. Along the way, they encounter Goofy, who also joins their party and becomes friends with them in the process. The group eventually ends up in Carthage, New Hampshire where they encounter Dr. Darkken, who wants to steal the Death Stone, a mysterious and powerful artifact. Before being able to steal the stone, the group is ambushed by an army of zombies.

The movie covers many important events in the history of the States. In the first episode, we learn that the settlers and the Indians had a very uneasy relationship. The Indians would attack settlers and destroy crops and other property. When this happened, the settlers were often afraid to go back home, so they hid in their camps. When the attack on the settlers in the episode "The Great Panic" left the country, fear of disease and harsh winters prompted many people to leave the state and form what later became the United States.

Due to the violence in the earlier episodes of the show, many children are frightened of animation and watch it with their parents. When Wander got released in 2020, he became instantly popular among kids and adults alike, and the company has been making a lot of shows for children and adults to enjoy since then. There are actually many different adventures that can be enjoyed, and fans of the show can now connect with their favorite characters and lose themselves in the wonderful world of Wander. Fans of the show can enjoy HD quality versions of each episode and can jump right into the beginning of the story without worrying about watching in HD.

In the fan made video game, titled Journey of the Stone, the player assumes the role of Wander, and jumps into the game after finding his way out of an underground cave. He has to travel through a series of puzzles and battles to find his way to the next level. The player controls both his character and the elements of the game, and the overall goal is to make his way to the finish line. The game is available in both the English and Spanish versions and features a full list of all of the places and items found within the game as well as some of the secrets that can be found there. The game can be played online, and many fans have taken to Twitter to share their adventures with fellow fans, and to ask questions about the online Journey of the Stone game.

While the fan made game is fun and interactive, the real draw of the movie is the story itself, and it is possible to enjoy the movie as a whole even if you do not understand a word of the script or know a single line of dialogue from the movie. The voice over work, and the special effects, along with the unique graphics, make this movie one of the best animated movies you can find anywhere. If you are looking for an entertaining film that features excellent animation and story, then you owe it to yourself to find and play Journey of the Stone. You will not be disappointed! The internet is full of videos showing people playing the game and enjoying themselves, so you can always go back and watch the movie again if you ever get the chance.

Rating: 5.4  | IMDb
Genres: Crime , Mystery , Thriller  | Duration: 94 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 5.4 / 10 (499 votes)
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