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The Unknown Eye (2020)  

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  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Seven assassins, sent by a mysterious group, travel to Paris where they are ambushed by a Russian leader called Zhivago. At the beginning of the movie, they are shown their target, who they must kill in order to complete their mission. In this case, it is an unfortunate one as the man is the estranged and illegitimate half-brother of the main character. As the mission progresses, each assassin is faced with the unknown sight of his beloved's death.

The Unknown Eye is a serial killer movie that takes place in Paris during the early 1990s. Several characters from the earlier serie appear in this one. From the killer who kills his adopted daughter in his dreams to the two lovers who must murder each other in the past lives of their mothers, all these characters are present in the movie. They are played by actors with varying degrees of acting skills and talents. Some are quite good, while others tend to look like part of the scenery and have no relevance to the plot.

The serial killer in the movie is based on a murderer from the earlier serie. This killer used his hands to murder his victims but also used his mind to send them to another life. The vision of his victim was not always clear, but he could make out details of what was going on when he was doing his job. By the time that he became aware of his death, the body had already been thrown into a river.

The serial killer in The Unknown Eye is not a mentally disabled individual. However, he uses his skills for his own entertainment and sometimes his psychological state of mind causes him to kill someone with blurred eyes. This happened with the character 'K', who has a troubled relationship with his daughter Emily, the only survivor of a serial killing he committed.

In this serial killer movie, we find many similarities to the earlier serie. The main character, Ilsa, finds herself in a place in her life where she can escape her feeling of abandonment. She is trapped in her own room in a house of ill repute, where she meets a Russian orphan. This character is seen from her point of view and is not seen from the point of view of the audience.

When she realizes that she is being kept in a fantasy world, she takes advantage of the opportunity and enters the fantasy world herself. She finds herself being bullied and has to solve problems of her friends. Through the entire story, we watch as she escapes and experiences the fantasy of her escape. The transition into this world is at the end of the serial killing sequence.

In this serial killer movie, the protagonists of the earlier serie are still present. We see the same characters being confronted by their crimes, and they are often punished for their crimes. We also see their families getting involved in the process of their punishment. In this case, Ilsa has a brother, Nikolai, who works in an art gallery and fights for his freedom. We see his father trying to get revenge for his murder at the beginning of the serie.

The most interesting thing about this serial killer series is that the audience is presented with a lot of background information about the characters. This is especially important in the case of Ilsa, as we see her background history and her connections with different people. At the end of the serial killing sequence, we have also met the various main characters, including their families and friends. The audience is able to connect with them through their feelings towards the serial killer.

Rating: 1.5
Genres: Drama , Romance , Thriller  | Duration: 20 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 1.5 / 10 (219 votes)
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