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The Midnight Sky (2020)  

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The Midnight Sky by Kevin Dunn is a visual feast. While The Midnight Sky is an interesting and visually arresting experience, it is also quite short. It is difficult to describe exactly what it feels like to suddenly be dropped into an alternate dimension, but it is not necessarily boring.

I want to start this review by describing the premise of the movie as a post-apocalyptic tale. In my opinion, the key to the movie's success lies in the director's ability to effectively create an atmosphere that evokes fear and foreboding. That is not to say the movie is horror. The midnight sky is not a place that would make for a good horror film, although it does have its moments. I do, however, believe that the darkness of the night combined with the loneliness and desperation of the characters create a post-apocalyptic tale that works quite nicely.

The plot revolves around a lonely scientist who lives on the edge of the frozen north pole. There he works in peace and solitude, only allowing his daughter to come and visit him when she comes across a human being in the middle of the arctic. However, he also allows a radio drifting overhead to ring his home on the eleventh hour of the day, alerting his family that there has been a sighting of a large white-skinned ship somewhere in the Arctic. When his daughter finds a note left by one of the fellow astronauts, it tells of a mission to investigate a strange phenomenon that has caused numerous disappearances from the arctic circle.

So begins the investigation of the missing crew and the strange phenomena that they are experiencing. But before they can gather the strength to continue their research, they receive a brief message from another satellite orbiting the earth. This time it is from an unmanned probe sent on a research mission. On the second day of their investigation the scientists find that something has happened to all the recorded research data, as the ice caps have begun melting at a rapid rate. The Midnight Sky by Lee Child is the first of a series of three movies based on the same plot. The movies take place in an alternate version of Earth where many of the usual elements of sci-fi are found, such as polar bears, space travel and other amazing discoveries.

It is not long before the other satellites discover that the phenomenon they were tracking had also occurred on earth. The other icy worlds that were once populated by life forms millions of years ago are now desolate wastelands. The last remaining human living on one of these moons is a lonely British lady who lives alone in an igloo-shaped home overlooking a vast expanse of snow-covered arctic. A sudden storm takes out power, leaving her in an isolated village without any means of communication. But the global community isn't likely to help out any given this trans-continental communication gap, especially when one of the more mysterious global threats makes its presence known.

When a deadly virus sweeps across the globe killing nearly everybody (save for the people who have been transformed into immortal ice creatures called crystallized nephroids), a top-secret United States government top-secret weapon becomes available to the global community. The weapon is code-named Ice-Cells, and each person who has it is magnetically linked to a location on earth that acts as a "replay" of the global calamity. This "replay" occurs every time there is a massive arctic hurricane or typhoon. This disaster may have actually turned the worldwide population into immortal ice creatures, but thanks to the power of Ice-Cells, the people are somehow able to withstand the devastating effects of the cataclysmic event. The Midnight Sky by Lee Child is the second of a trio of movies based on the original story, The Midnight Sky.

Rating: 6.6  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , Science Fiction  | Duration: 118 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 6.6 / 10 (1490 votes)
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