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The Last Warrior: Root of Evil (2020)  

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The Last Warrior: Root of Evil is the twenty-first sequel of the popular fantasy movie The Last Jedi. Directed by Irina Chaiken (Kathryn Bilbry) and starring Chris Evans, Jacob Lofland, and Anna Kournikova, The Last Warrior sets ten years after the events of the last movie. With the Order of the Stone still on the loose, an agent from the Order arrives on the planet of Skellig to help the Jedi protect the galaxy. Together, they form an uneasy alliance against a new threat.

The Last Warrior follows the story of Corran, an orphaned warrior who has spent the last seven years following the Order of the Stone. After he witnesses the death of his foster-father aboard a mysterious ship, Corran is taken by Yoda and his Order. Together, they learn that they are part of an ancient race known as the Yuuzhang Jutsu, which has become extinct. However, the invaders have risen again, and this time, they want control of the Jedi. The fate of the Last Jedi rests in the hands of Corran, and Yoda must take control of the entire Order once again in order to save his son Jacen, who has become the future of the Jedi Order.

The Last Warrior: Root of Evil revolves around a fictional plot based on the novel The Last Paradise. The novel covers a variety of settings, including Moscow, Mongolia, and China. It's also set during the times when Russia, Japan, and America are at war. The novel focuses on the conflicts between the good guys and the bad guys, with a special focus on how each country would act if a power-hungry super power was to attack. The book also delves into the motives of each of the main characters, as well as the audience, who are never quite sure about who should get what. The Last Samurai: Root of Evil by Ruslan Balbekov is the eighth novel in the popular Darth Vader series.

Following immediately after the events in The Last Paradise, The Last Warrior: Root of Evil picks up shortly after the third novel, Vader's Call. While the former takes place aboard a space ship while Vader is stranded alone, the latter occurs on the ground on a bus station in Moscow. There, a new terrorist organization makes an appearance and attempts to attack the Emperor, but Anaken Skywalker steps in to help defeat them. The novel ends with a special assignment from Vader to Skywalker, which would involve an undercover mission to a secret military facility in Russia. Although Anakin is promoted, he refuses to leave the Emperor's side, believing he can do better on his own.

Although the second novel doesn't tie directly into The Last Warrior, it clearly builds upon the themes introduced in the first book. The main characters are all connected to the previous stories: Anaken rails against his strict training, Vader feels abandoned by his master, and Yoda struggle to control his feelings of anger and frustration. One thing that the novel does very well is taking what we have seen in previous stories and weaving it into a complex plot involving politics, religion, and power play. Additionally, the detailed and intense prose makes it easy to follow along with the story at a glance.

Ruslan Balbekov also includes a large amount of detail and provides lots of details about the actual battle field. He accurately captures the tense atmosphere of the trenches and the confusion and fear that everyone felt aboard the Death Star. All of this combines to create a fast paced, exciting read that will keep you turning the pages. For fans of fantasy, sci-fi, and military fiction The Last Warrior: Root of Evil is an excellent book to add to your reading list. The detailed writing style, the fast pace, and the detailed world building combined with solid characters make The Last Warrior: Root of Evil a definite must-read book!

Rating: 7.8  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy  | Duration: 120 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 7.8 / 10 (846 votes)
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