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The Half of It (2020)  

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The Half of It is one of the best movies ever to hit the cinema screens. Its cinematography and acting performances were fantastic. The dialogues too were extremely smooth, putting a unique spin on things. One of the biggest selling points about this movie was its soundtrack.

Its soundtrack was instrumental in making this movie an instant hit with all those who saw it, as the songs were of great use in making the movie a truly memorable experience. You just could not miss the praises of the music of The Half of It on the many online movie forums. Here are a few of the things that have made it so much a popular one among viewers around the world.

A Great Narrator: No question here, we can all agree that the narrators' work is well done and should be commended for that. Laini Taylor was up to the task and did a fine job in conveying the characters' emotions and actions to the viewers. She really put a whole new spin on it, portraying the events as she saw them. There were times where her narration seemed forced, but that did not take away from the overall impact of the movie, making it a real classic. It was so good and so refreshing to watch that I still remember my personal favorite song from The Half of It, "Desperation."

Music and Guitar Sound: The Half of It has some awesome music and guitar sounds. However, I do not understand why the actors did not use the whole song as a background in their scenes. They would have been more than justified to do so. Each scene could have been conveyed in a different manner and the movie would have been more spectacular.

Menasana: This is also the reason why the song "Menasana" was featured in the movie. During the final fight, Kurt Russell showed his acting prowess, only missing a single leg of his foe to gain victory. Laini Taylor, who played the lead role, was so thankful that Kurt was okay and was even encouraged to add a second leg to his enemy, who was getting close to winning the fight. The scene alone left a lasting impression on me, and I was glad when it was announced that Kurt would play the role of Superman.

Untouchable Characters: Since the movie's plot revolved around anti-heroes, most of the characters were equally important, which made the movie all the more enjoyable. Like in most movies, most of the villains' deaths were untimely and sudden. One of them was the half of it antagonist, Joel's father, and since that was unexpected, the whole family had a tragic demise. I'm sure we all had a gushing tears while watching the funeral scene.

The acting: The Half of It also presented superb acting performances, with many recognizable names in the industry. Cameron Diaz did a splendid job in playing a villainess, though she was the one who pushed Kurt to the bottom. Of course, Mark Wahlberg's portrayal of Kurt's father, George, played a big role in the movie's success. I know that I'd like to hear more of Wahlberg's works in the future, making his character into a good example of how to portray a villain in the right way.

All in all, The Half of It had a lot of merits to share among fans of the genre, making it a great movie all the way. Most online movie forums praise the music and the dialogues of The Half of It, making it one of the finest entertainment releases in recent times.

Rating: 7.3  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Romance  | Duration: 104 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 7.3 / 10 (1409 votes)
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