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Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020)  

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Queen of Hearts, Queen of Spades, Princess of Emerald City, the Princess of Hearts, and the Princess of Emerald City: The Secret Society of Second Born are three wonderful tales about three different women who have been raised in a secret society of second-born daughters who know one another from birth. These three women have never met in person but have been brought up together by their mother, and their mother has been teaching them the ins and outs of this secretive society from the time they were born. When their parents die, they all move to live with their Aunt Lily, but she isn't as welcoming as they expected, and all of their dreams of being free of society's control come crashing down around them.

One young woman discovers she is the heir to the throne of her uncle's kingdom, but when the queen dies suddenly and unexpectedly, she becomes the next queen in line for the throne. She doesn't care who rules, and when her uncle dies, she makes sure nobody is in a position to stop her, no matter what it takes. But there are other kings who have already taken over the kingdom, so she must do what it takes to keep her grip on power, even though it's almost impossible. Her two companions, her sister, and the mysterious and powerful Queen of Diamonds, are also trying to keep power in the hands of the old system, and the only way that they can accomplish this is by fighting each other for control of the crowns.

As if this weren't enough conflict for this young woman, there are other intrigues that are also going on around the royal court. Queen of Hearts wants to rule, but wants to do so secretly and without the consent of anyone, including her sister. The queen of emerald city also doesn't like that she is ruling, and the queen of hearts is afraid that if she goes against the queen of emerald city's wishes, she will be murdered. All three of these women believe that they have been chosen by fate to rule this kingdom, and the princesses of the royal family are being kept in place by these royal families' secret societies.

All of these people have formed their own secret societies, and they are all working against the other royal families of the kingdom, because they want to take control of the kingdom. There is a war brewing between them and their opponents and those who wish to maintain the status quo, and stability, and the princesses of the royal family are trying to protect themselves and their families by any means necessary. Even the king himself, the prince of Emerald City, has been placed in a position where he must use his power to defend the kingdom and those who are close to him. by the secret societies that have formed.

This book is very interesting and exciting, and gives a very good look into the lives of three very different women who are trying to find their place in the world of kingship and royalty. While I don't think this novel is perfect, and I thought it fell short in some areas, I was very impressed with how well the author did the research and wrote a captivating story. I enjoyed reading it left me wanting to read more about these three women and the other women who also live in the Emerald City.

This book will be enjoyed by readers who love mysteries, intrigue, and have been raised in an environment of hidden societies. If you like the story, and want to read something a bit more original than the princess-and-princess fictions that usually come out every so often, you may want to check out The Secret Society of Second Born.

Rating: 6.9  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy  | Duration: 97 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 6.9 / 10 (969 votes)
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