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Monster Hunter (2020)  

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The Monster Hunter series is a massively popular series of action-packed role-playing video games, which began with the very first game Monster Hunter for PlayStation 2, later released on many different platforms, such as home consoles, handheld consoles, and wireless devices. Monster Hunter is a game that has sold more frequently than any other action/adventure game on the market. The series has an ensemble cast, including many well-known actors and actresses, as well as some lesser known ones. This makes for an interesting cast, which has an abundance of supporting players who all play a crucial part in the unraveling of the game's many mysteries. The characters are drawn from the wide variety of monster themes, which range from dragons and vampires to zombies.

The story of the Monster Hunter starts with a single player campaign, where the gamer takes on the role of a major character and start their journey in Monster Hunter. The game is set in a rural town called Lostwood. There are several central characters to the game, all of whom are hunting down monsters. These characters include a boy called Gingka who live with his uncle near a forest, a young girl called Rai and his friends, and a boy called Ryuji who are training to become a monster hunter. When he meets up with a mysterious girl called Yukari, who also wants to be a monster hunter, he decides to join her in her quest.

As you play as the main character in the game, you will start off with a number of starter weapons, some armor, and certain monsters to fight. You will be able to find items, called 'amins', that will restore your energy after every battle. These special items will increase your ability to kill monsters, so it is important to make sure you know what you're doing before heading out into the wilderness. This is the basis of your character in the Monster Hunter franchise: you need to know your job before going into it!

To help you get started, the Monster Hunter tutorials introduce you to each of the different classifications of equipment. You can pick up one of them, or learn all of them if you're willing to invest in your education. The basic weapon and armor classifications include the Polearms, Claw Axe, Clubs, Javelin, Heavy Sword, Axe, Spear, Bows, Staves, and the Crossbow. Each of these carries a certain specialty, such as a Bow's accuracy bonus, or a Javelin's attack speed buff. Monster Hunters also have a special paintball called Palico that they use to move quickly between areas.

Monster Hunter has been one of the most successful video games ever made, and was later turned into an anime TV series, written and directed by Japanese movie director Takumi Ogasawara. The game received critical acclaim from virtually everyone who played it, and its continued popularity is reflected in the countless video games, movies, anime TV series, trading cards, clothing, and collectibles now available. The Monster Hunter series has evolved to become a year-round event, with new monsters being introduced and released every month, along with multiple expansion packs. For fans who haven't played the original Monster Hunter game, the pre-launch Nintendo DS version was met with mixed reviews because of the control scheme. Since its release, however, the Monster Hunter Portable handheld version has received excellent reviews from critics and fans alike.

Monster Hunter is the brainchild of a freelance video game writer named Ciro Kawasaki, who also served as the voice of Dr. Isaac's in the Game and later on as Alucard in the later episodes of the TV series. Monster Hunter is the result of years of play testing and research, leading Kawasaki to create monsters and equipment based on real-world information. The result is an online community dedicated to sharing tips, strategies, and information regarding Monster Hunter, with an active forum to interact with other hunters across the globe. Although there are a number of paid online strategies guides available, the fact remains that Monster Hunter is truly one of the most addictive games out there--which is good, because there's only one kind of hunting monster that you'll have to face: the formidable and powerful Gorgon.

Rating: 6.9  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy  | Duration: 104 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 6.9 / 10 (3106 votes)
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