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Hubie Halloween (2020)  

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"Hubie Halloween: The Monster" is a story about a young boy who tries to make things right when his best friend's cat gets into trouble at a neighborhood bar. It is October 31st at Salem, Massachusetts, a town full of strange, obsessed, dedicated people, and a devoted group of citizen and the prankster of the other, meanest and most derisive neighbors. Hubie, a young boy, is in the middle of an investigation, for an actual killer, with a knack for trickery and a very unusual name. When Hubie finds himself at the center of another case, it's Halloween night, and he has no idea what is going on.

In the opening scene, Hubie's mother tells him that his cat got hurt because she stepped into a hole created by her child's birthday cake. She doesn't like that Hubie was so excited about the big day, and she wants him to get used to this new reality, before he has to deal with it on his own. Hubie tries to explain that he just wanted to see the birthday girl and was not trying to break in. Hubie knows that his mother wants him to behave, so he tries to behave. He's doing his job, but the townspeople are not as forgiving.

Hubie is called away for his father's funeral, and is told that his mother will be cremated instead of buried. Hubie finds out later that his father was killed at the hands of a person he thought was a monster, but was actually the owner of the bar. Hubie's mother, however, was not only spared the death penalty but her ashes are scattered over the town to keep her from coming back. Hubie thinks this is a great way for her to be kept out of his life, since she didn't mean anything to him. She was just a woman who wanted her husband to leave her alone.

As the story progresses, Hubie meets a girl named Penny that comes to his rescue, not only rescuing Hubie's cat, but her cat's family. The two girls come from different worlds, but they work well together, in order to save Hubie from danger and bring the other girl back to the world she left. They're separated by time, however, because the events that took place before are happening now, while they're in separate times, and places. Hubie can't remember all of the details of how the previous event occurred, but Penny does. She remembers that Hubie's father died. She's also not a part of this time and neither can Hubie. He is able to use his psychic ability to put everyone together again, allowing them to have fun and laugh again.

The other girl, named Sarah, is not a monster, but a young girl who wants to find love, a way to be loved by the family and community that she feels is missing. She has to help Hubie get through his life, because he's dealing with guilt and feeling out of control. This is a girl that is kind and gentle, someone he could really depend on, but that he just doesn't feel he can trust. Her name is Sally, and she doesn't want to hurt Hubie.

Hubie finds out that the whole town knows that his father was killed by someone that Hubie's never even seen. But, Hubie still has a lot of friends. His father died a hero, a true hero. In fact, he was a leader. He went to the police station when the house burned down and saved the whole town. If Hubie could take his father's mantle, then he could use it for good and change his life.

Rating: 7.1  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Horror , Mystery  | Duration: 102 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 7.1 / 10 (851 votes)
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