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Heavenquest: A Pilgrim's Progress (2020)  

Watch Heavenquest: A Pilgrim's Progress full movies

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Heavenquest: A Pilgrim's Progrations (2020) is a serie that promises an unprecedented journey into the mysterious world of the Middle East. Followed by two prequels and several sequels, Heavenquest: A Pilgrim`s Progrations is the most watched film on YouTube. This is a film that takes you from the deserts of Mesopotamia to the frozen wastes of Alaska... The background scenery is breathtaking, but the special effects are incomparable!

When two pilgrims find each other while wandering in the desert, they become fast friends. Soon they learn that they have common origins... They both are sons of the same real father, a man named Job. They then decide to abandon their homeland and journey towards the Promised Land, a land whose people will welcome them and teach them to be true kings and conqueror. Along the way, they encounter numerous other pilgrims like them, who also have journeys similar to theirs...

In the movie, it is revealed that the one character who stands out from the rest of the people in heaven is Job. His only son, a boy named Methuselah, realizes that he too has inherited the role of being the true king of heavenquest. Because of this, Methuselah and Job travel together, and the two convince their followers that only they can lead the flock of heaven. During one of their journey, they come across a cave where a young woman tries to kill herself by hanging herself from a tree branch. After realizing that she has no power over death, she pleads with Job to help her kill herself and save her soul.

Despite the scenes that show Methuselah and Job ascending up the ladder to heaven, I found that the most riveting parts of the movie took place when they were descending back to earth. While the two previous characters in Heavenquest: A Pilgrim`s Progr is already dead, Methuselah and Job find themselves stranded on earth, unable to return due to their actions during their earlier journey. From here the movie takes on a more somber tone, with Methuselah having to deal with both the guilt for his sins as well as the realization that Job is now dead.

The streaming format of the film makes it very easy for those unfamiliar with the story to follow. You won't need to wait until the movie reaches its conclusion before you can download it. Instead of waiting an entire day for your movie to be available in DVD or VHS, you can instantly watch the streaming version of Heavenquest: A Pilgrim`s Progr as soon as it becomes available. Of course, if you prefer to read the story from start to finish, then the book is also available in eBook format. In fact, the book is actually a very good representation of the overall story, with detailed descriptions of what happens throughout the Pilgrims` travels.

You may also choose to watch the movie for free online. While this may not give you the same experience that you would get from reading the book, it is free and can give you a realistic idea of how Heavenquest: A Pilgrim`s Progr is setting out to be. Plus, there are many fan sites dedicated to reviewing the movie and even putting up interviews with the main characters. With all of these options, you can be sure that you will be entertained by Heavenquest: A Pilgrim`s Progr. Even if you don`t think you will enjoy the book, watching the movie is still a lot of fun and will not cost you any money!

Rating: 5.3  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy  | Duration: 91 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 5.3 / 10 (488 votes)
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