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Happiest Season (2020)  

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The Happiest Season with Julia Roberts is a release that will leave all of you feeling joyful even if you have been sad for a while. A depressed young lady with a plan to propose on her special day to her happily married boyfriend comes across her parents' strict traditional moral limitation against pre-marital sex. But before she knows it, her grand celebration of being tied the knot is wrecked by her parents' stubbornness and lack of acceptance. Her boyfriend backs out and she's heartbroken. Now, Julia Roberts must reconcile herself to the fact that love doesn't always triumph and that sometimes the most loving, sweetest people get the worst of it.

This movie is based on the life of Julia Roberts, who has played the lead role in many of Hollywood's best movies like Vanilla Sky and Mystic River. This also makes her one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. This movie is certainly worth watching as it provides a very realistic view of modern-day Valentine's Day. This romantic comedy is not just about a couple getting together and then breaking up. It shows us what happens when love triumphs over lust and when it doesn't.

The movie begins with Julia Roberts singing and dancing in her sultry voice as she is met by her now happily married boyfriend. They spend Christmas Eve together and then things take a turn for the worse when the man starts to show signs of cheating on his wife. Julia makes her way home only to find her friend Amy (Ann-Margret) waiting for her. This prompts Julia to confront Amy about the truth of what happened to the Christmas night and they finally come to terms with their situation and reunite for Christmas.

The Happiest Season with Julia Roberts follows the theme of overcoming past hurts in order to move forward with her romantic relationship with her boyfriend. While Christmas may not be all that far away, the fact remains that sometimes life can catch up to you and make decisions for you that you may not have been able to make before. In this movie, Roberts plays the role of a wife who has had enough of men pulling her strings and decides that she is tired of pretending to be happy and content just being a wife. When she realizes that she can still have the life she desires, she gets back with her ex-boyfriend and gets back to being the happy, loving woman she knows she is.

Part of what makes The Happiest Season with Julia Roberts such a fun movie to watch is that she nails the perfect chemistry with both her co-stars. Ann-Margret plays the role of the evil and conniving Mrs. Robinson who kicks at her husband and tries to make her daughter Nelly (Kirsten Dunst) jealous. Roberts also shines as the straight-laced, down-to-earth Amy who wants to be a better partner and mother to her daughter. However, after her realization that her husband is cheating on her, she goes off to find the person responsible and ends up falling in love with a younger man (Zac Effron). Her best friend, Plaza (Sheena Lipitz) becomes interested in the relationship between Amy and the man, causing more trouble for the happy family.

Overall, The Happiest Season with Julia Roberts is a great movie that showcases the bond of a close-knit family unit and their struggles to live life to its fullest while having fun. There are many different types of relationships that can be depicted through this movie. For example, the movie can be viewed as a coming of age story, a coming of age movie, or simply as a romance comedy. What really makes The Happiest Season with Julia Roberts a fun movie to watch is the way in which it showcases the different aspects of matrimony, marriage, and motherhood. While it may not be the best film of its type, it is a great family movie that will ensure many future appearances by Julia Roberts.

Rating: 8.1  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Romance  | Duration: 102 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 8.1 / 10 (852 votes)
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