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Dangerous Lies (2020)  

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Under The Skin is the first installment of the under-hyped yet highly acclaimed Under The Skin Serio. This movie does not disappoint the audiences, and this is due to its intriguing storyline and unique concept. The movie is created by David Fincher, a director famous for his eye-catching and psychologically dark films.

David Fincher has established a strong reputation in the entertainment industry as a director with a flair for creating visually impressive visions, and the under-hyped Under The Skin Serio promises to be no exception. The story is set in present-day London, and revolves around a woman named Isabelle (Alicia Vikander) who, after a traumatic experience, goes into a deep state of emotional and psychological healing. This transformation however is disrupted by the introduction of her lover, Ulls (Peter Capaldi). The shocking revelation that the man she has loved since high school is actually an undercover agent falls on the couple in a particularly devastating way.

In the name of maintaining the secrecy of his unit, Henrik (Daniel Brühl) injects himself with a deadly drug called D-Plus-Zero and has himself injected with a series of deadly and lethal diseases, which are the deadly lies of Under The Skin. He then moves on to the mind of a gravely ill individual known as Lumiere (Vincent Cassel). Having undergone the change of his body to a number of deadly diseases, Henrik seeks the only one who can help him fight back against the lies he has been given, to come forward and help him save his own life.

Under The Skin is a good start for David Fincher. His work in the first two Dragon Tattoo movies was so successful that he was soon chosen to direct the entire third film in the series. Under The Skin is a bit too long, at only ninety minutes long, but it certainly offers more twists and turns than the first two films, which already did an excellent job of fleshing out their central characters. The novel that underlies the entire Under The Skin Serio is brilliant, and reads like a story from a fairy tale. The book is written by the French author, Gilles Peress, and if you have not read this kind of story before, you are in for a real treat.

One of the problems that will come up when trying to watch this online movie is the fact that the resolution takes place about five hours later than what has been shown in the trailer. However, this can be easily managed by taking the time to pause the movie and review the earlier part of the film. The movie did not run long enough to really feel rushed, but many fans of this genre prefer the cinematic experience of a long hard look at a movie and Under The Skin doesn't disappoint, with an extensive look at what this incredible story is all about.

The Under The Skin Serio promises to be as tense and thrilling as its predecessors, and promises to become a cult classic for those who appreciate what great directors such as David Fincher can do with the creative powers of film. The film comes with a fairly detailed and richly detailed website, which provides a beautiful background and visual depiction of the film's London setting. In addition, there is a separate website dedicated to the film, which gives a detailed rundown of everything that has been shown in the movie, and also where and how you can watch the film.

Under The Skin, the first under-hyped Under The Skin movie, is a gripping and entertaining thriller that will go down in history as one of the most talked about movies of 2020. Fans of great cinema will find a movie to absolutely love here, and there will be no shortage of new movie lovers when Under The Skin opens nationwide on October 4th. So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy this modern day horror classic.

Rating: 6.4  | IMDb
Genres: Thriller  | Duration: 96 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 6.4 / 10 (572 votes)
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