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Ammonite (2020)  

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Ammonite is a sedimentary rock, formed from Precambrian rock layers. The name Ammonite comes from the Greek word ammonos, meaning" Indra's River". The rock is used for different types of jewelry designs and as a source of calcium. In fact, the mineral content is up to 40%. Ammonite can be found in many commercial forms like Ammonite crystals, Ammonite rings, Ammonite watches, and even Ammonite sunglasses.

Watch Ammonite (2020) Online For those who have not seen the movie Ammonite yet, the film is about a young woman in an arranged marriage, whose father had died. The father had appointed his two sons to take care of his daughter, so that she would not marry anyone else. However, his two other sons had also taken an interest in the life of his daughter. One day, they kidnapped her and brought her to their home. There, they subjected her to various tortures including electrocuting.

Ammonite - A True Story The film takes us back in time to a society where two women are forced to marry men of their own choosing and are forced to live in a cave for their entire lives. One of the two women is an aspiring dancer, while the other is a professional dancer. They are both devastated when their husbands discover that one of them is a talented dancer, while the other is beautiful. After some time, the two women fall in love with one another and are able to escape from their cave, but before they leave, they give each other a small piece of jewelry made from amethyst, which later saves their lives.

One interesting thing about Ammonite - A True Story is that it somehow manages to combine real life and science fiction. It is a love story between two women that involves a plot that is totally futuristic, yet realistically follows their lives. For instance, one of the characters, named Meg, starts having strange dreams about being on an island with an undiscovered continent. When she wakes up, she decides to go there, but before she can leave, the two police officers that arrive at the scene to take her to the station instead. Meg is then put into a holding cell without any food or water, with no means of communication with anyone but through a distress signal that are attached to her collar.

That's just the start of what takes Ammonite - A True Story from the crime thriller genre to a full movie in Tamil, as the next few episodes explore how Meg and the others discover the location of the purported continent. What adds a lot of spice and excitement to the show is that the main lead, played by Naveen Kaushik, also happens to be one of the main characters in a few of the other chapters of the drama. This is something that has been given a lot of importance in Tamil cinema, as it adds more weight and importance to the character of Meg. The other good thing about Meg is that she is played by a woman, something that isn't common in most crime thrillers of this genre.

Ammonite: A True Story in the crime thriller genre is directed by S.S. Rajamouli, who is best known for the Tamil movie Meg: The Message. The movie has received mixed reviews, with some lauding it for its stylish story and brilliant plot while some calling it too melodramatic and predictable. But, in the end, it is the acting that steals the limelight here, as most of the characters are convincing and believable. With an HD quality movie, Ammonite: A True Story in the crime thriller genre doesn't need many catchy one liners to make it a hit. All it needs is an engaging storyline, which is punctuated with some excellent acting performances to make it a satisfying watch. Aikido, released in 2020, was also a good crime thriller with an equally good score.

Rating: 8  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , Romance  | Duration: 120 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 8 / 10 (506 votes)
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