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A Trash Truck Christmas (2020)  

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A Trash Truck Christmas (2020) synopsis is the movie you would have watched if it was released two years ago. This spin on the Christmas classic plays on the premise of a group of trash truck drivers who find themselves stranded on the streets of New York City. When Santa Claus crash-lands from the sky they need to help him save the world before time runs out. But will this group of unlikely heroes to be able to save the world before Christmas? Find out what makes this movie one of the best of its kind today!

Directed by Tom Hooper and starring Hooper's long time friend and fellow filmmaker Robert Downey Jr., A Trash Truck Christmas is the Christmas eve movie your family and friends will never forget. As one of the last films of its kind to be released, the cast and crew created a buzz around the globe and generated significant Oscar buzz. A premise that would seem to call for a few twists and turns, A Trash Truck Christmas showcases a rag-tag group of unlikely heroes who find themselves the target of a Christmas eve plot by the evil King of the Jungle. Hooper and co-writer Robert Townshend manages to create a funny and enjoyable film that will amaze adults and children alike. And though the plot is ultimately unrealistic, the overall message that the movie delivers is very much a live-inable one. So take a seat, warm up your belly and prepare some popcorn - because A Trash Truck Christmas is about to begin!

With the opening scenes of the movie showing the sledgehammer-wielding Santa Claus towering over the streets of New York City, we are immediately introduced to our cast of unlikely characters. Hank, a trash trucker gone bad, finds himself the target of a vicious brandished grin. He is unimpressed with the whole "trash truck" theme that has been plaguing his life ever since he was a teenager, and thus decides to join forces with the other trash truckers in an attempt to rescue the Christmas light strands from a giant Christmas tree that has been shattered beyond repair. The only problem is that each of them has an array of unfortunate baggage that they need to dispose of before the big day arrives. But in the midst of their struggle, they discover a rusted out old Christmas tree, which is the perfect opportunity to start their feud with each other and bring in the gift of Christmas.

In the midst of all this action, the true nature of Christmas slowly reveals itself to the characters as they seek to bring joy and cheer into the lives of others. And in the process, they uncover a greater meaning of Christmas that culminate in a spectacular display of Christmas magic that will have the residents of the movie - and the entire world - erupting in laughter and delight. When the dust settles, however, the true nature of Christmas is once again revealed, and Christmas Day is once again a day that is remembered throughout the world. And as every year, the crew of the "Trash Truck" plays Christmas carols in their honor. One year they play "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" and the next they play "Silent Night".

A Trash Truck Christmas is one of the most hilarious films I have ever seen. It is one of those rare films from yesteryear that manages to combine the funny elements of today's comedy genre with elements of the great silent films of the past. Which in itself is no small feat. director Victor Fleming (who co wrote, directed and starred in the film) managed to create a character that went from cartoonish to laughable to downright surreal in a single movie.

Although A Trash Truck Christmas is a very enjoyable movie, it is also worth your time to check out some of Fleming's other brilliant works. There are many more to come. I recommend that you add A Christmas Carol to your list of must-see movies for the Christmas season. It just may be one of the best movies you will ever see.

Rating: 7.1  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Animation , Family  | Duration: 28 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 7.1 / 10 (539 votes)
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