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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019)  

Watch Wonder Woman: Bloodlines full movies

  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Warner Bros Productions brings the fourteenth animated DC comic production, original by Mairghread Scott, directed by Taiwanese Sam Lui and produced by Jim Krieg; this tape is now available in the digital and homemade format, both in its DVD edition, such as Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray Ultra HD 4K.

It is undeniable that Marvel is the one who dominates the big screen when we talk about action and adventure blockbusters based on his comics, but it is also true that Warner Bros and DC comics are the owners of the monopoly when it comes to animated productions, and that is DC number thirty-six.

This story begins in Paradise Island, a site chosen by the gods to protect the Amazons and let them live in peace and tranquility, there can only inhabit women; they are ruled by the powerful Queen Hippolyta.

A day like any other, Diana, Queen Hipolita's only daughter, finds a man on the island's shores, this is Captain Steven Trevor, a US Air Force pilot. He is very badly injured, so he takes him to the purple chamber, where he will be healed with crystals of light.

The Hipolito Queen learns of the intruder's presence and immediately sends her guards to imprison him; no man can live or be in Paradise Island, it is a mandate from the Gods. Trevor asks to see the queen, brings a message to give her, warns her that the alien race known as the Parademon attacked the earth.

Princess Diana asks to hear the foreigner's warnings, but she refuses again, Diana senses that Trevor is telling the truth, so she risks releasing him against the will of the Queen; who inevitably finds out and is challenged by his daughter, who runs away with the pilot, telling his mother that he will defend the innocent of the world because the Amazons were born for that.

Diana arrives in the capital of the United States of America, Washington; there he meets Dr. Julia Kapatelis and vivacious Etta Candy, with whom she immediately establishes a good relationship. Once at the house of Dr. Kapatelis, Diana meets Julia's daughter, Vanessa, who develops a great feeling of envy against Diana for occupying her parents' attention and moving her to the background.

Five years have passed since Princess Diana left Paradise Island, during that time she adopted Wonder Woman's alter ego; and in that way defends the innocent and needy of the world against all kinds of threats that endanger their lives.

Dr. Julia Kapatelis looks for Diana in the newly built Hall of Justice, to help her find her daughter Vanessa, who stole a dangerous artifact and plans to give it to Veronica Cale and Dr. Veneno. Diana accepts and together with Trevor, they go to the rescue of the young woman.

Upon arrival, an immense woman named Gitana receives them, with whom Diana had already fought in the past, however, this Gypsy is genetically improved, obtaining super strength and increasing her size and speed, while they both fight; Trevor and Dr. Julia try to find Vanessa, but first she confronts Dr. Veneno's soldiers.

In the middle of the shooting, Dr. Julia, Vanessa's mother is seriously injured causing her death; her daughter doesn't understand what happened and instantly blames Wonder Woman, vowing to avenge her death.

In this way he seeks help and comfort in the villains, Verónica Cale, Dr. Veneno, and Cybor, who propose to participate in a genetic project that will give him all the skills to take revenge with Wonder Woman and avenge the death of a mother; Vanessa will now be known as Silver Swan.

Rating: 7.5  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Animation , Fantasy  | Duration: 83 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.5 / 10 (498 votes)
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