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West (2019)  

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The West refers to a number of countries, regions and countries, most often containing a majority of Western Europe, northern America and probably Australia. The West is the most developed part of Europe and is home to a number of huge economies, such as Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Britain, Sweden, Norway, and many others. The West has also been the center of some of the biggest and longest lasting wars in history, including the World War II, the Cold War, and the Gulf War. The West is the most developed part of the world and therefore, has the most influence on international politics and social trends.

The West has been divided into three parts, the Northern area including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and the United States, the Central area including Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, and Poland, and the Southwestern area including Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela and many others. The differences in each country or region can be drastic, such as a huge difference in climate. Northern Europe and Scandinavia are very cold, while South America, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia are hot and humid. The largest nation of the West is the United States, which is an extremely large country with an immense geographical area. Some of the largest cities of the West consist of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Washington D. C., Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.

The West was originally an oxen-driven agricultural land, but over time different peoples settled the land resulting in different cultures, languages and ethnic groups. The population of the West has diversified greatly over the years, due to slavery, immigration, naturalization, and wars. America was the most important trading nation of the West until the industrial revolution, at which time Asia and Africa became major contributors to world trade. The four most populous nations of the West have been named America, New England, Central America, and the Southern United States of America.

North America consists of a continental division running from the Great Plains to the interior of Texas. In the middle of this continental division are the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Colorado. North America also includes the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Canada has three major interior provinces: Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. The western part of Canada consists of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

The interior states of the West to contain a population of forty-six million. Most of these states lie in the central part of the country, except for Washington State, which lies in the western portion of the U.S.A. Within the interior states of the West are California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Maine. The largest cities of these states are Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and New York. Hawaii and Oregon are the only states with a population less than 1 million.

North America's West Coast consists of all of its southern states: California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The western portion of this area includes all the states west of the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Oregon. The eastern states of this area include Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Western states do not include Alaska or Hawaii.

Rating: 5.5  | IMDb
Genres: Thriller  | Duration: 99 min  | Year: 2019

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