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Marriage Story (2019)  

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'Untitled Noah Baumbach Project' begins with the words that its characters never told each other, with two texts full of a love now stained by time, grudges and the emptiness of an agonizing relationship. An insufflation of romanticism in the first minutes of Noah Baumbach's film that has just hit, mercilessly, when we realize that the two protagonists only speak to themselves, which are memories they do not want to remember aloud to not to crack the impenetrable walls that they have already built between them and that leads them towards divorce. They are in a couple therapy session, where the separation is already both physical (each on one end of the sofa) and emotional, and where it is clear, without many more explanations, that the story we will see (full of heartbreaking monologues , awkward silences and explosions of rage) deals with the inability to communicate when harmony has broken. When love ends and only reproaches remain, watch now this meaningful movie.

Baumbach has been searching for the meaning of being an adult on the big screen for 25 years. He went from talking about disorientation when leaving university ('Kicking and screaming') to the period of discovery when he is twenty-year-old and idealist ('Mistress America', 'Frances Ha'), and from there to trying to find the balance between a not so distant past of promising youth and a present emotional and professional stability ('While we are young'). Characters, like Ben Stiller in ‘Greenberg’ or Nicole Kidman in ‘Margot and the wedding’, who have not yet found their place as adults in the world. But the perfect parallel with his new film is in 'A Brooklyn Story', which reflected the divorce of his parents, told through the eyes of a child, and which now moves into the eyes of the true protagonists, with an amazing maturity. Now it is another divorce, to which the fantastic interpretations of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, which inspires a history of declining relationships: his own.

Spiritual heiress of 'Kramer vs. Kramer' (1979), 'Untitled Noah Baumbach Project' stands as one of the best films of the year, confirming Netflix's good cinephile harvest in the same month that Martin's 'The Irishman' has been released Scorsese Now we talk about Baumbach, about the experiences that have inspired his new work, about how gender roles take sides in the relationship between his protagonists and how the rivalry between New York and Los Angeles reaches its zenith as the scene of his personal hell.

Reality and fiction are always closer than we think. In 'Untitled Noah Baumbach Project', it seems clear that Baumbach has taken some inspiration from his private life: the filmmaker was married to actress Jennifer Jason Leigh (recently seen in 'Annihilation' and 'The Hateful Eight') for five years, but In 2013 they decided to break their marriage. There are different similarities between the two stories: she is an actress with a family linked to the industry, there is a child involved (although in reality she was just a newborn, unlike in the film) and also, as perhaps more controversial, a possible infidelity never publicly recognized, but explicitly in fiction. Charlie (Driver) is seen cheating Nicole (Johansson) with one of his companions of the theater company, while it took Baumbach a year to begin a relationship with an actress with whom he had been working on his films since 2009 and that is his current couple: Greta Gerwig, director of the next 'Little Women'. Even so, both have insisted, there was no infidelity during the marriage, but the relationship arose later, watch online the movie and judge by yourself.

But beyond these details that connect the real facts with the reality of fiction, the feelings that both felt in that break are the breeding ground for the greatness of this film. And it is going to cost many spectators and spectators not to recognize themselves in every discussion weighed down by pride, every hurtful word they immediately regret, every look at the phone waiting for it to ring, the devastating feeling of loneliness when a life of coexistence becomes an independent life, whether or not children are involved... What makes 'Untitled Noah Baumbach Project' the most heartbreaking film of the year is precisely that: the unmistakable universality of its history. Broken heart is a common disease.

Rating: 7.9  | IMDb
Genres: Drama  | Duration: 137 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.9 / 10 (4088 votes)
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