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The Divine Fury (2019)  

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A production of the thriving South Korean cinema premiered on July thirty-first of two thousand nineteen, by Lotte Entertainment and directed by Jason Kim. The Divene Fury is a peculiar action and violence film with an interesting mix of genres such as martial arts and religion.

The film stars Asian actor Park Seo-joon who plays the free martial arts champion and exorcist Yong-Hoo, the role of Father Ahn is played by Sung-Ki, while Woo Do-Hwan personifying the dark and evil Ji -Shin.

The film tells the story of Yong-Hoo, who was champion of free martial arts, and surprisingly God was blessed with special gifts to face the dark forces of evil. Yong-Hoo is a very strong, resilient warrior with an enviable physical condition, but internally he is as fragile as a leaf, Yong-Hoo was orphaned at an early age because of a car accident in which his parents lost their lives.

At the end of a fight, the champion goes to his dressing room, where he observes the bandages of his hands stained with blood, without being sure if that blood is his or his opponent's, process to withdraw them and unexpectedly a wound appears in the palms of her hands. Yong-Hoo assumes that they are the product of the fight, the next day he checks his hands and the wounds do not improve, so he decides to go to the hospital to perform a medical check-up, the doctor orders to practice a series of tests, which surprisingly yield a result impossible to believe, so you must repeat all the studies.

Yong-Hoo is not very comfortable with the situation, so he takes the advice of a friend and turns to a well-known psychic who upon seeing his hands immediately contacts Father Ahn, an experienced Vatican priest, who is dedicated to performing exorcisms and fight forces for normal.

Father Ahn examines his hands of the young champion Yong-Hoo, and with a half smile he tells him to be calm, it is not a disease, it is a manifestation of the Lord upon him, a blessing bestowed, like the hands of the crucified Christ.

Yong-Hoo cannot believe what he is hearing and is incredulous about Father Ahn's claims; But something tells you that you should give it a try. The seasoned champion of free martial arts becomes Ahn's pupil, who educates him religiously and teaches him the secret rituals of exorcism and to understand and master the skills God has granted him.
Ji-Shin, is a fearsome human being of dark personality and devoid of feelings, who has the ability to perceive the weaknesses of people and take advantage of it to expose the worst feelings of each human being.

Yong-Hoo and Father Ahn must fight against Ji-Shin and his dark forces, defeat evil so that good is imposed and thus protect humanity from demons and dark paranormal creatures. They will use all their knowledge and skills, both religious and combat, and will not grant truce until they achieve their goal.

The expectations of the locals with are quite optimistic with the acceptance of this elaborate production and they trust that it will be a blockbuster at least on their side of the world. The film will be available for the United States of America from the sixteenth of August of two thousand nineteen, and will be screened for the old continent at the various film festivals.

And the performance of Korean cinema is taking a huge leap with respect to its closest competitors within the Asian continent, showing great technical qualities at the level of photography, editing, musicalization, sequence of scenes and setting; It also has a wide range of good actors who despite being well known have great talent, so South Korea shows the world its strong commitment to the film industry.

Rating: 6.7  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Horror  | Duration: 129 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 6.7 / 10 (713 votes)
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