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Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)  

Watch Spider-Man: Far From Home full movies

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Spider-Man far from home

Welcome to phase four of the Marvel Universe; This film will serve as a bridge to everything that this incredible world of comics holds for us, let's start.

After the events in Avengers End Game, a long cycle of the most famous and beloved characters of the Marvel fans closes; and they give way to new stories and adventures of characters not so well known but they will surely have the same success.

This second individual delivery of the arachnid within the MCU, shows a more mature Peter Parker and burdened by the death of his friend and mentor Tony Stark, the young high school student is confused about his future and wishes to resume the normality of his life and give A stop to your superhero adventures.
But your environment does not share your decision; Happy Hogan is still at his side helping him, fulfilling Tony and Pepper's wish; This tells Peter that Nick Fury wants to see him and talk to him, but responds negatively.
Peter will take a vacation with his friends, go on a tour of Europe that will last two weeks and is organized by the secondary.

At the same time, Fury and the agent María Hill, go to Mexico to investigate a significant fluctuation of energy, when they arrive they face Magnum, an Elemental who controls the earth; Elementals are giants of a parallel multiverse that control natural elements at pleasure. When suddenly a mysterious man with extraordinary abilities appears who fights and defeats the creature, his name is Quentin Beck, better known as Mystery.

Peter and his friends arrive in Italy, Venice, after surprisingly touring the place they are attacked by Hydro, Elemental del Agua, who causes damage throughout the city; Peter runs to fight the show, and suddenly Mystery appears again and defeats the creature.

Parker retires to the hotel with his friend Ned, who is sedated by Fury upon entering the room, Nick talks with the young Parker and hands him his mentor's glasses, tells him that they are equipped in the artificial intelligence system created by Tony , and that has access to all the data of Stark industries, including the system of weapons that orbit the earth and the Iron Man project.

Fury proposes to Peter to lead the new Avengers initiative, but the young man feels that he is not prepared, he does not want to start another fight after he lived with Thanos, all were victims of their own ambitions.

Peter continues his vacations, they go to Prague, Czech Republic, where another Battle awaits him, this time it is Hell master of fire; Quentin Beck and the arachnid give a great fight with the creature of fire, saving the city.

Nick Fury and agent Maria Hill travel to Berlin, Germany, to analyze what happened with the repetitive attacks of the Elementals; while MJ finds a strange technological device that turned out to be a holographic projector. They deduce that Mystery is not who they say they are. He is a former employee of Stark Industries expert in optical illusions, who along with his team of experts in advanced projection using Drones, are responsible for simulating the attacks of the Elementals.

In this way part of the plot of the film develops, Spider-Man will have to face all this conspiracy and lead the new initiative of Nick Fury.

As always, Marvel gives us some secrets of what our superheroes hold, and this is no exception; Large things will be revealed at the end of the movie, so we recommend that you do not leave your seat until you turn on the lights in the movie theater.

Rating: 7.5  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Science Fiction  | Duration: 129 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.5 / 10 (12484 votes)
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