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Shazam! (2019)  

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An old and well-known superhero returns renewed to the big screen, this character dates back a long time, his first appearance was in the late thirties, in nineteen thirty-nine to be exact, this controversial character that has almost the same skills as his Superman franchise partner, was the result of legal litigation against its original creators who called him Captain Marvel, dog was the gigantic DC Comics who through a lawsuit managed to acquire the rights of the character, but could not use his old name.

So they baptized him as Shazam, which is an acronym for the Gods who provide his powers, S: Solomon, H: Hercules, A: Atlas, Z: Zeus: A: Achilles, M: Mercury.

This will be the new DC Comics bet for a segment of the more youthful audience, as it increasingly loses more ground in this lucrative film genre which Marvel leads with its universe of superheroes that he restarts from the year two thousand and twenty with the phase four that will last approximately three years and has already announced the release of nine films.

DC Comics fails to establish itself against the powerful MCU, and that is why they reinvent this peculiar superhero to start an ambitious projector and conquer at least one segment of the public, SHAZAM was released on April 5, two thousand nineteen for the United States of America.

It all starts after the battle between Steppenwolf and the Justice League, who unfortunately for its creators did not have the success that was expected to be far from the results obtained by all deliveries of its direct rivals.

The first scenes of the film date back nineteen seventy-four, and present us with a boy named Thaddeus Sivana, who travels with his father and brother in the family car, this boy plays with his eight ball of predictions which at shaking it shows a message in response to the question you asked, Thaddeus tries to interact with them, but only receives mockery and abuse; at that moment something strange begins to happen for the young Thaddeus, everything gets cloudy, they hear a strange sound and is transported to the Rock of Eternity, where he is received by an old sorcerer who wields a powerful magic staff.

 He explains to Thaddeus that he is looking for a replacement for his position since he is the last of the seven wizards alive, and his other six companions entrusted him with his powers to get the next champion to defend the earth from danger.

Thaddeus smiles and accepts the post, but the old wizard states that he must first pass a test; he begins to hear the voices of sin, who ask him to release them and enjoy all his power, the young man attracted to the powerful gem called the eye of sin which controls the seven demons that represent them; at that moment the old wizard confirms that Thaddeus' heart is not pure and that he is not worthy to inherit his powers.
He lets him know and sends him back to the car, where he begins to despair and tell what happened causing nervousness in his father who was driving and his brother's fury, leading to an accident, which leaves the father's crippled legs.

Four decades have elapsed from that accident, and again the story presents us with a young man, this time a problematic orphan who looks for his biological mother and who has spent his short life touring temporary care homes, his name is Billy Batson.

After being caught again by the authorities for trying to locate his biological mother using the police computer, Billy is reassigned to a new temporary care home, Víctor and Rosa Vásquez will take care of him from now on.

Upon arriving at his new home, the young Batson meets his new family made up of the aforementioned Victor and Rosa plus five more orphans who live with them, his roommate will be Freddy Freeman, who has a physical disability and uses crutches to walk.

The next morning everyone goes to school, but when he finishes classes Freddy is attacked and mocked by a couple of abusive, Billy tries not to do anything for his feelings they do not allow it and gives a couple of blows to the bulges, enraging and forcing them to chase him to the subway station where he manages to escape aboard one of the wagons.

Billy believes that everything has already happened, but the truth is that it is just beginning; the train surprisingly increases the speed and begins to vibrate, the crystals freeze and a series of hieroglyphics begins to appear on the display; when he stops and opens his doors, young Batson is on the rock of eternity in front of the old sorcerer who is about to make his last interview, asking Billy to take his place.

In a loud voice he orders him to take the staff and shout his name, frightened without knowing what to do, he refuses, but the enraged old man insists with the order ... to which Billy answered Shazam!

Thus the adventures of this extroverted character begin who will entertain us with their occurrences and adventures and gives us a great surprise.

Rating: 7.9  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy  | Duration: 132 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.9 / 10 (7975 votes)
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