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Men in Black: International (2019)  

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Release: 14 June 2019

The first "Men in Black" movie with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is one of many adult's childhood favorites. It was the mysterious tone, or the particular aesthetics handled by director Barry Sonnenfeld, or even the fact that it is a very novel story about aliens, what captured the attention of a massive audience. The point is that the film quickly became  a classic, and even today some watch it from time to time, either on television, or in Blu-ray format.

The sequels... are a separate story. Curiously, when it was just released, we really enjoyed “Men in Black II”, but it's easy to began to realize how inferior it is compared to its predecessor. And although "Men in Black III" is an obvious improvement in relation to the second installment, it does not quite recover the charm of the first film. In fact, after watching this movie, it was clear that there was no way to return to the tone, style and quality of the original film, so the best, at least at that time, was to let the franchise rest in peace. After all, with an increasingly tedious Tommy Lee Jones of Agent K, and a Will Smith little interested in reincarnating Agent J, what else could be done?

Well, this time it seems like the creators wanted to reset the franchise... Although not quite succesfully as they intended in the first place, we might guess. Despite having new protagonists, "Men in Black: International" is more a spin-off than anything else, comparable to the "Jurassic World" tapes. That is, it is not a direct sequel to "Men in Black III", but it takes place in the same universe, referring to the events of the first three adventures (especially the first one), and even bringing back to Emma Thompson, who again plays Agent O, head of the North American HdN base (after all, Rip Torn's career is not alive and well, precisely). It is not a bad idea, and the final product, although merely correct, entertaining, and superior, at least, to the second part, does not even reach the heels of the original film.

The great Tessa Thompson plays Agent M, who after learning about the existence of the Men in Black organization as a child, dedicates her adult life to investigate them and try to find them... Until she finally does, and, evidently, she becomes one of them. Thus, it is sent by the aforementioned Agent O (Thompson) to the London base, where, under the orders of Agent High T (Liam Neeson), he has to join the famous (but incredibly arrogant) Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) to stop some alien twins who are looking for a powerful weapon. But apart from those villains, they will also have to face an even more complicated challenge: a mole (or double agent) in the organization of the MiB.

What made the first "Men in Black" movie an intriguing and mysterious experience was the almost underground tone it drove, where the aliens lived hidden in a dirty, dark New York. “Men in Black: International” makes use of the same premise as the original film, but to develop something much lighter, and even at times, forgettable.

Yes, it is true that "Men in Black: International" is an extremely predictable film; you can guess the final narrative turn fifteen minutes after the very start. And yes, it is also true that, by the way in which M manages to find the MiB, one begins to doubt, even more than in the previous films, its ability to remain a secret organization. But outside of the logical inconsistencies and somewhat flat action sequences, "Men in Black: International" is an entertaining film, which is benefited by the excellent performances of its two protagonists.

Rating: 6  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Science Fiction  | Duration: 115 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 6 / 10 (3913 votes)
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