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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)  

Watch Maleficent: Mistress of Evil full movies

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Walt Disney Pictures presents the return of the favorite villain of children, by the hand of Norwegian director Joaquim Ronning and the American producer Joe Roth; With an original story by writers and playwrights Linda Woolverton and Noah Harpster, Maleficent returned to the big screen on October 18, 2019.

The film incorporates new characters and gives continuity to the protagonists, as it is already supposed to be the experienced American actress and producer Angelina Jolie will play the magical villain Maleficent; the beautiful model and actress Mary Elle Fanning will remain Aurora; the cast of British actor Chiwetel Umeadi Ejiofor joins Conall; and the famous first Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer who will give life to the terrible Queen Ingrid; Robert Lindsay will be King John; English actor Harris Dickinson will be Prince Phillip; Ed Skrein will be Bora; Sam Riley will be Diaval; Juno Temple will be Thistlewit, among others.

Aurora after the death of her father King Stefan has taken the throne and is now the queen of the Moors; five years of that day have elapsed, the kingdom keeps in peace and everything is in order; to the palace comes the proposal of marriage of Prince Phillip, of the kingdom of humans.

The news travels the kingdom, Diaval finds out and immediately runs to tell the news to Maleficent, who, as we all know, loves Aurora as her own daughter; the powerful magical fairy and queen of the enchanted forest creatures, do not agree with the marriage of Queen Aurora and makes it known, infers that this love will not last long for their different lives.

In the following days a Royal dinner is organized for the formal presentation of the commitment between the two, in it will be the parents of Prince Phillip, Queen Ingrid and King John; Aurora asks Maleficent to attend with her and be at her side as her mother figure, without being very convinced she accepts and accompanies the Queen of the Moors.

Everything happens in total normality until Phillip's mother, Queen Ingrid, begins to tell the story of Aurora and how Maleficent cursed her before she was born, and how humans suffered because of her creatures and silly wars, blaming her for the death of Aurora's father and hundreds of humans.

Maleficent does not raise those infamies, but Ingrid unleashes her anger when she happily tells Aurora that once she becomes Phillip's wife, she can finally have a real family full of humans and not monsters.

Maleficent gets up from the table calling Queen Ingrid insolent and casts a spell on King John causing her an eternal dream; amid the uproar the Queen calls the guards who were already alerted by orders from herself; upon entering the room to attack it, it manages to escape through the window, but one of them shoots an arrow and manages to hurt it, causing it to fall into the sea.

Sinking into the cold waters of the ocean and almost losing her life, she is rescued by a winged creature that takes her to a safe place; upon awakening, Maleficent observes that she is surrounded by creatures equal to her, of course without her strength and powers, but of her own race.

Conall appears before her and tells her that she is one of the leaders of the fairies in exile and that it was she who also drew them when she drowned; he introduces him to the rest of the inhabitants and explains that they are hidden by the war against humans; but they are tired of being in exile and plan to fight Queen Ingrid to restore peace between races.

For this they need Maleficent to join them and guide them along with their army, it is the only way to avoid Aurora's suffering and the imposition of Ingrid in front of all the Kingdoms, finally, the powerful Maleficent accepts and will battle with all her forces with such to recover his dear Aurora.

Rating: 7.6  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Family , Fantasy  | Duration: 119 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.6 / 10 (5276 votes)
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