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Long Shot (2019)  

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What is love really? And if for some cosmic event, it turns out that what they call love exists Is that what it looks like in soap operas and teenage novels? Do you really deserve to love? Do you really deserve to be loved?

Well, the above are the questions that director Jonathan Levine takes as a framework for his film number nine, which like the previous eight is loaded with his particular approach that mixes reality and love, this time with two great Hollywood stars the head: Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen.

Now will it be enough to have the dream team of Levine, Theron and Rogen on screen to validate the 125 minutes the movie takes? Well, that's yet to be thought.

Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is a peculiar journalist of the alternative scene in Washington D.C., whose personal mission is to expose anyone who is against his reformist ideals to ridicule, even to the point of risking his personal integrity.

But when a media conglomerate buys the web portal it works for, Flarsky is forced to look for a job where his point of view is not compromised. However, an unexpected encounter with Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), his childhood nanny and the current Secretary of State of the United States, puts him on a path where he will not only end up facing his unappealable ideals, but to wonder for the first time, what are you willing to sacrifice for that ethereal concept that some call love.

In times where polarization turns friends and brothers into bitter enemies by the simple fact of not converging in their visions of the world, completely ignoring all the postulates of Athens Clisthenes on democracy, a film whose premise revolves around the concept that it is precisely the diversity of ideals, and not their confluence, that makes human contact enriching.

And if you can do it with consistency and an excellent sense of humor embodied in hilarious situations, instead of with a boring sermon that sounds like a scolding ... and top it with some scenes filmed in Cartagena, what more can you ask from life? Likewise, Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, in addition to the rest of the cast, masterfully fit into their roles and especially Theron manages to overcome her image as a super serious actress and becomes exactly what the script and director expect from her.

Beautiful, fun, entertaining and with a valuable message that exalts positive values, especially of environmentalism, the movie Long Shot is a good alternative for all people who like romantic comedies or chick flick; Although, it is not the great revelation of the year, it is entertaining and is a good example of films of this genre.

Long Shot is fulfilling, and it has in little more than 2 hours of duration, everything you want from this type of tapes, a true love that goes through a series of difficulties, in which, two totally opposite people will have to fight for their love to free them and help them achieve their dreams.

Now, yes, the movie can have many clichés of this type of tapes, however, they work perfectly and this new version of Cinderella, very tunneled, makes a beautiful, capable and important woman, girl power, fall in love with a strange man, without social talent and ungrateful; so that both, in the process of knowing and falling in love, discover their best version of themselves.

And in the background of this romantic story, there are politics, environmental, electoral campaigns and personality issues, this film shows us the romance between celebrities and common mortals.

With good occurrences and good chemistry among its protagonists, the movie Long Shot is a fun romantic comedy in the style of Hollywood.

And although this question could be answered by analyzing which cinematographic elements do not work as overwhelmingly well, compared to others, such as photography or musicalization; the truth is that even in these elements, the quality is so high that it is useless, in addition to unfairly label them as negative.

Rating: 7.4  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Romance  | Duration: 125 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.4 / 10 (1590 votes)
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