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Les Mis√©rables (2019)  

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There is an amazing misconception about the movie Les Miserables. Some say that it is just another movie of Jean Valjean's story about a sad protagonist. But it is much more than that. It is a love story as well, and a real tribute to this French composer.

According to Auteur Theory, the best movies are the ones that show how the hero's personal life has affected his or her creativity and vice versa. In a similar vein, these movies show the connections between the audience and the characters, the power of storytelling, and how these factors work together to create a fulfilling experience. In other words, Les Miserables fits into this genre of successful movies and stories because of the way it tells a story in an original way.

There are many similarities between Les Miserables and the other Oscar-winning stories in the TV series. Both series had a supporting cast that received their own roles, and both series reflected the social and political conditions in France at the time. However, in Les Miserables, it is the theme of poverty and its effects on the individual, and how it affects the people around him or her, that is its main theme. In this movie, there is no objectification or sexuality, and everyone acts according to the social norms.

The story follows the journey of an old man, and it is shown through a narrative style that combines narration, interviews, and flashbacks. During the conversations between the old man and the others, each character gives a slightly different take on the events of the story. It makes for a very personal interaction between the characters, which serves as a key theme throughout the movie.

According to Auteur Theory, the main point of the movie is Jean Valjean, the main character. Throughout the movie, you learn more about the lives of the people around him, and the things they do that have shaped him into the person he is. As we see more of the lives of the characters and see how the people affected by Valjean's actions, we learn about their conflicts and what they go through in their everyday lives.

Although the movie is very funny, Auteur Theory says that the humor must be also integrated into the story. When the others tease him, he tells them that he has no sense of humor, and he plays games and tricks to make them laugh. Auteur Theory also says that this type of humor comes out when the others fail to understand him and his situation. He doesn't humor himself, but keeps the jokes coming.

The scenes and flashbacks also need to be well designed so that they can be enjoyed by the viewers and not leave them bored. The flashbacks show the negative effects of poverty, which are ignored by the people around him, and he blames them for this. This fact, along with the poverty's effect on other characters like Bois (a black servant in the background), indicate that there are other layers to this movie besides the tragedy that happened in the first half of the movie.

The movie tells a great story in a unique way. It touches a chord in the viewers with its themes, and makes them laugh and cry with the characters. If you are a fan of this movie, you might want to watch it again to appreciate the importance of Auteur Theory in a movie. But if you want to learn more about the theory, you can go online and find more details.

Rating: 8  | IMDb
Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller  | Duration: 103 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 8 / 10 (1144 votes)
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