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Hustlers (2019)  

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Anyone would think that a comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson could not go wrong. However, 2019's Hustlers prove to be a great scam because laughter never appears, so yes, if you thought these talented actresses couldn't do that bad, well they just did, and for that matter, it's best not to mention Hathaway's Serenity from earlier this same year.

Lately, the topic of frauds and master deceptions is very fashionable in Hollywood films, with white-collar thieves, who, with a lot of organization, cunning manage to make elaborate millionaire robberies that entertain us all in the movie theater.

Sagas like Ocean's Eleven, which by the way in its latest installment also brings Anne Hathaway into the cast, or even Will Smith's film some years ago Masters of the Scam are a good example of the obsession of the cinema insdustry with frauds. Well, now comes a slightly different version of this theme with a comedy that satirizes these thieves posing many absurd, funny and ridiculous situations about scams.

Also, as if that were not enough, the film Hustlers brings two great actresses, one of them is Rebel Wilson who has developed a long career in the genre of comedy, printing a lot of extravagant humor in all her projects, so having this actress in a comedy is always synonymous with laughter; and in the counterpart of the action, to make the classic movie duo "the fat and the skinny", is Anne Hathaway who complements the comic adventures that these two scammers will have to face to achieve the master scam.

Now, although the main theme is fraud, this film, unlike the others in the field, focuses more on the situations that his characters live, on the jokes rather than on the scam itself, so Rebel and Anne end involved in all kinds of absurd situations that seek to make us laugh, but ultimately, aren't able to achieve their goal.

What is it?: Penny (Rebel Wilson), is an extravagant scammer from the United States, who after being almost caught in full action decides to escape to Europe to continue her trade, that's when she meets Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway) a scammer of the big leagues, who, to throw Penny out of her territory decides to teach her the trade and then cheat her, however, Penny discovers that she can make a lot more money and decides to stay and to do so, and both scammers decide to make a competition and who manage to scam a millionaire of technology 500 thousand dollars, stays with that territory, but both scammers will use heavy artillery to win and discover who scammed who.

It is always a pleasure to see Anne Hathaway on any film, be it romance, drama, terror or even comedy, this is an actress who never disappoints you, however, we have bad news and in this film her very refined character, if not super stretched, fails to catch the spark, being in fact, our biggest complaint Anne Hathaway, who is not funny nor convincing, the good news is that Rebel Wilson has done very well in this type of stories and it is she who raises the headband.

The effectiveness of Hustlers comedy is unstable. Sometimes wise, sometimes as fraudulent as its protagonists. In large part it is due to a catastrophic script, which leads certain disproportionate situations to the grounds of the absurd, but also to a poor development of its characters. The scenes are intuited in search of comedy, but their performance is futile. In such a way, the result is disappointing despite the attractiveness of the Hathaway-Wilson dumbbell and the surprising final twist, because even the best scammer goes the hare. Crime does not pay

Rating: 7.3  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Crime , Drama  | Duration: 110 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.3 / 10 (2432 votes)
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