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Hellboy (2019)  

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The red hero from hell arrives on the big screen with his third installment entitled “Rise of the Blood Queen,” written by Mike Mognola, directed by Neil Marshal and Produced by Lawrence Gordon, the film was released for the United States of America on April twelve, two thousand nineteen.

 "Rise of the Blood Queen" is a restart that is granted to Hellboy, a new epata of the character begins that will be personified by actor David Harbor who along with Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Milla Jovovich, Penelope Mitchell, Sopihe Okendo, Daniel Dae Kim, Alistair Petrie and Brian Gleeson make up the cast acting on the tape.

Centuries ago the Queen of Blood Vivienne Nimue, unleashed a curse on all of England, causing a deadly plague for its inhabitants; but fortunately that country had a fierce ruler, King Arthur, who together with Ganeida, leader of his coven, fight the powerful queen defeating her and dismembering her with the powerful Excalibur.
Arturo buried the challenges of the evil queen of blood throughout England, at points far away from each other to avoid the resurgence of evil.

At present, the investigative agent of the BPRD (Bureau of Investigation and Paranormal Defense) is sent to Mexico to eliminate a former partner named Esteban Ruiz who after a mission was turned into a vampire; this one before dying whispers to Hellboy that the end of the world as we know it is near. At the end of the work he returns to Colorado, to the BPRD facilities, where Trevor Bruttenholm (his adoptive father) awaits him, who assigns him a new mission, he must go to the Osiris club and investigate the disappearance of three giants.

Upon arriving at the site he meets Lady Hatton, a respected seer who works in Osiris and tells him how he arrived in the world and how his own (adoptive) father was to end his existence. At the same time, a demon named Grugach and the evil thousand-year-old witch Baba Yaga, search for the remains of the powerful Vivienne Nimue.

Hellboy finds out about the plans of the evil dupla and immediately seeks to capture them with a group of experienced hunters, who betray him and by little murderer, Red manages to save himself by the onslaught of the giants against the hunters. Suddenly he wakes up in the department of a woman named Alice Monaghan, who possesses psychic abilities, the BPRD, locates Red and sends a team special tactics to rescue him, once at the headquarters, Bruttenholm informs Red that Grugach and Baba Yaga have almost all the remains of the powerful witch Vivienne Nimue, and that the last one is buried under the Osiris club.

Trevor assigns agent Ben Daimio to support Red, reluctantly accepts and together with Alice they go to the club, but when they arrive they witness a terrible massacre, Alice tries to find the spirit of Lady Hatton, which shows her that Nimue comes to the world to catch Hellboy and cause the apocalypse as the scriptures say.
At that moment they are attacked by Grugach, who deftly plays with Red's mind to confuse him and manages to get the witch's arm Vivienne Nimue, which he does and then escapes the club.

Ben Daimio does not trust Hellboy, so he carries a special bullet with him that can end Red's life if he falls into the temptation of evil and dares to betray them.
Again at the base, Rojo and Dr. Trevor hold a heated discussion questioning the way he was raised, and at the end he is transported in front of the witch Baba Yaga, who is missing an eye, this tells Red that the end is imminent, nothing can save the world, but she could tell him where to find Vivienne in exchange for one of her eyes...

Again the ascended hero of hell will have the responsibility with his new companions to try to save humanity from the apocalypse.

Rating: 5.8  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Science Fiction  | Duration: 120 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 5.8 / 10 (3177 votes)
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