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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)  

Watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters full movies

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Godzilla The King of Monsters

Warner Bros brings us back to the big screen the radioactive giant monster Godzilla, in its version The King of Monsters, sequel to the first installment of two thousand fourteen Godzilla.

The direction and adaptation of the script was in charge of Michael Dougherty, while the production was attended by Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, and Brian Rogers; Musicalization McCreary Bear, Mount Lawrence Sher. This film was released for the United States of America on May thirty-first of two thousand nineteen.
The film obtained generally positive criticism from the general public, in fact it pointed to more than eighty percent acceptance and was assigned a weighting of three and a half points out of five; however, the specialized critic was not so benevolent, and pointed out the lack of plot and dialogue given priority to the battles and special effects; which is incongruous with their opinions of two thousand and fourteen where they indicated the excess of dialogue and suspense and the little appearance of the gigantic creature; so you must draw your own conclusions after enjoying this excellent movie.

The leading cast is made up of Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell, Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Vera Farmiga as Emma Russell, Bradley Whitford as Rick Staton, Ken Watanabe as Ishiro Serizawa, Sally Hawkins as Vivienne Graham, Aisha Hinds as Colonel Diane Foster, Charles Dance as Alan Jonah, O'Shea Jackson Jr. As Jackson Barnes and Zhang Ziyi as Dr. Ilene Chen.

Five years have passed since the appearance of Godzilla and the events of San Francisco. The doctor in paleobiology, Emma Russell and her daughter Madison Russell, are in the thick Asian jungle witnessing the birth of a giant larva, who could potentially be a Kaijou, this discovery was achieved thanks to a technological device called “Orca” owned by The Monarch Cryptozoological Organization for which it works, this device emits sound waves at a frequency that only the Kaijou can perceive, and depending on their intensity can alter the behavior of the creatures or simply locate them.

Once the giant larva is born, doctors Russell, Emma and Madison categorize it as a Mothra. At that time they are attacked and subjected by a terrorist group championed as environmentalists led by former British special forces Alan Jonah, who are looking for the "Orca."

Mothra manages to flee and hide in the jungle, but Emma and Madison are captured by Jonah gets the "Orca". The news soon arrives at the laboratories of the Monarch Cryptozoological Organization, its directors Dr. Vivienne Graham and Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, locate Mark Russell, Madison's father and Emma's ex-husband, to inform him of the situation and request his help; Mark still upset and overwhelmed by the loss of his son Andrew in two thousand fourteen does not want to participate in the operation, but he reflects and accepts he no longer wishes to lose another member of his family.

Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and his tactical team, together with Mark Russell, go to Antarctica since the “Orca” that was stolen from Dr. Emma Russell when she had a satellite tracking device; During the tour "Orca" locates Godzilla, who goes to the same place.

Upon arrival Jonah and his terrorist team attack Serizawa and his men, the intention is to free a Kaijou Alfa, a gigantic three-headed dragon nicknamed "Monster Zero" able to face the Godzilla and fulfill the terrible plans of Alan Jonah.
Serizawa asks his armed squad to attack the terrorists to recover the "Orca" and prevent him from waking Zero, but it's late, Russell discovers that Emma is not a hostage, but works with Jonah, and it is she who activates the device and frees the terrible Zero from his icy prison.

Thus begins an epic battle between Kaijou to take control of the planet and save humanity as we know it.

Rating: 6.9  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Science Fiction  | Duration: 132 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 6.9 / 10 (4886 votes)
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