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F#*@BOIS (2019)  

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One of the best and most talked about television series of the past years, HBO's hit series, True Blood is a vampire romance movie directed by Mel Gibson. Based on the comic book series, the movie centers on a group of vampire hunters known as The Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Killers and their journey to save the men, women and children who were once their prey. The actors in the movie include Katheryn Winnick, Angela Bassett, Anna Paquin, Richard Kind, Lance Reddick, Alan Ruck, Steven Weber, Melissa O'Neil, and of course, our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse. The story follows a few of these characters from childhood until the fateful day of the big kill.

It would be easy to dismiss this movie as a vampire romance; however, in many ways it actually is much more than that. It isn't just about killing vampires, although that is a big part of the story. What makes this movie special is that it is so well-written and so well acted, it is like a real-life super hero movie in every respect.

The movie starts with an elaborate setup to tell the story. In fact, it might have been better described as an extended version of the TV show. The gang is being hunted down by the police. The heroes try to escape, but they end up having a run in with a bus full of murderers. The criminals fight back, but they are soon shot down, one after another, one by one.

With each of the dead cast off, one more obstacle is added to the ever-growing number of deaths, the humans. When you consider the length of time the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Killers has been in the wild, it really comes as no surprise that there are so many loose ends. After all, there are so many survivors. There seems to be so much blood spilled, it makes it very difficult to maintain any semblance of order. It seems everyone is down and out.

One of the things I enjoyed about the movie was the portrayal of Sookie and Bill, the well-meaning co-star. They worked together and really were good friends. It was fun to see how they developed their relationship over the four seasons of the show.

We find out in the first scene of the movie that Sookie is actually the daughter of two people who were killed by the vampire killers. Her dad was the one who died, and her mom was the one who turned her. The killer has taken some of her blood and as she is turned, she gets the advantage of one's strength. She bites Bill's neck and proceeds to turn him, as well. It seems at this point that she will become the ruler of the blood-sucking vampires.

However, before the first stage of the movie could play out, the people caught in the crossfire come out of hiding. They are the wives of the vampire hunters. Each of them wants the life of Bill so they decide to take him out. As each of them tries to get him killed, he is saved by his friend, Billy. Billy kills one of the women, and Sookie bites Billy's neck.

In the middle of the attack, the leader of the hunters manages to remove a memory from Sookie, but not all of it. He convinces her to leave the rest of the memories hidden, and he promises her a spot on his team. As she leaves the scene, Billy falls from a house. The movie ends with a sigh of relief for the living, but also in a reminder that there is still evil in the world.

Rating: 7.6  | IMDb
Genres: Drama  | Duration: 96 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.6 / 10 (253 votes)
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