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Frozen II (2019)  

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Disney has caught us by surprise with the first teaser trailer of 'Frozen 2', even more so considering that the first images are not accompanied by an official synopsis of the new adventure that will star Elsa and Anna.

The first advance is very suggestive but, of course, nothing explanatory. So next we analyze it plane by plane to try to extract all the possible information about the expected sequel, based on everything we know about Elsa and Anna's return for the moment.

It has been almost six years since the premiere of today's highest-grossing animated film of all time, so before analyzing the new images of the sequel, it is necessary to remember how the first film ended.

In the last sequences of 'Frozen', Elsa defrosted her sister's heart due to an act of final love. For her part, Anna sent Prince Hans to the badge, while it belonged to Kristoff, who really was in love with her.

On the other hand, the process of acceptance and domestication of Elsa's powers allowed the eternal winter to which the kingdom of Arendelle had been subjected to finally conclude, celebrating the opening of the castle with moderate summer temperatures. Finally, the celebration concluded with a display of the control of the icy powers of Elsa, modifying the landscape at will for the fun of the citizens of Arendelle.

The first conclusion we can draw from the first trailer of 'Frozen 2' is that we have gone from summer to autumn at Arendelle. This is also made explicit with the leaves that fall on the letters of the final logo of 'Frozen 2'.

However, the extract of the first sequence starts with an Elsa determined to face an indomitable sea. The romanticism of the foreground, in which the queen occupies a small place in the frame facing the immensity of the ocean, tells us that this task will not be easy. Determined to surpass herself, the protagonist throws herself into the sea several times, increasingly controlling her powers, but without completely imposing herself on nature.

This sequence tells us about a great challenge that Elsa must face. It seems that the plot of the sequel is not going to require only that the queen knows how to create skating rinks or ice fountains for the amusement of the inhabitants of Arendelle, but that she must completely control her powers too, perhaps, face a lot of force more powerful.

In the same way, we must remember that Elsa and Anna's parents died, precisely, in a storm at sea, so this sequence undoubtedly also tells us about Elsa's ability to overcome her traumas and face her own fears.

The excerpt from the following sequence shows an Anna peeking out of the castle window alarmed by symbols whose meaning we still don't know but which, judging by her face, denotes that something is not going well.

Ice crystals in the form of luminous diamonds surround the castle. However, no more information about its meaning is provided. We can deduce, however, that these elements are associated with Elsa's character. So it could be that the protagonist was in danger or that this was the trigger that something does not work properly in Arendelle, which would boost the action in the main plot.

From here, several images follow each other in summary form, from which we can extract some more data.

After the image of concern of Anna, a new sequence appears in which the return of Kristoff and Sven is confirmed, although this time by captaining an army of reindeer. It seems to be an excerpt from an action scene in which we presuppose that Kristoff tries to anticipate something that is going to happen, possibly helping the main work that Elsa is carrying out and where she tries to arrive with reinforcements.

The landscape is completely autumnal, so the place where Kristoff and the reindeer come from would be normal, and they would be trying to send reinforcements to the other side of the kingdom to stop... Who knows what?

In the following plane we see Anna in a rocky landscape and quite hostile at night, apparently defeated after, we can deduce, be overcome and failed to fail to find her sister. However, the princess manages to get up and continues the search for managing to get ahead of geography. In this way, it seems that the formula of the first part could be repeated, according to which Anna would be forced to go in search of her sister, who is surely in danger.

Finally, and after the closure of the autumn logo that will characterize the promotion of the sequel, we observe the same characters already entered the forest and about to begin their adventure. Something bursts in from behind and at that moment Anna is done with Kristoff's sword, making it clear who is going to take the reins in this second part in which, in addition, Elsa leaves the tail dress and holsters the leggins.

Rating: 7.7  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy  | Duration: 103 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.7 / 10 (8355 votes)
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