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Eli (2019)  

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The new Netflix scary movie tells us the story of Eli, a bubble boy whose autoimmune disease has him isolated from the outside world, because any contact with the air or with contaminated objects could kill him in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, after much research in search of solutions, his parents discover a miraculous treatment in a mansion controlled by Dr. Horn (Lili Taylor, from The Nun), to which they travel so that the child has a chance to heal.

Once there, Eli (Charlie Shotwell, from Captain Fantastic) begins to experience strange ghostly visions that suggest that there is more to that mansion than a simple medical treatment. The problem is that only he seems to be able to experience those visions. Eli will try to convince his distraught parents (Kelly Reilly, True Detective and Max Martini, Pacific Rim) that they have to leave from there at all costs, because there is a real danger to their own safety. On the other hand, a mysterious girl (Sadie Sink, who will sound to you because she plays Max in the Stranger Things series) talks to Eli every night from outside the house and confesses that she knows something about what is happening in there. Will you be seeing visions because of the treatment or is there something else in that mansion?

The movie Eli is produced by the person in charge of The Curse of Hill House and The Gerald's Game and, although it looks like the typical scary movie about an enchanted mansion, it hides some mysteries and script turns that will not leave the viewer impassive.

Throughout the film we believe that Paul (Max Martini) is Eli's father, just as Rose (Kelly Reilly) is her mother. However, in what is the most important twist in history, we see that Rose and Paul could not have children and after Rose got tired of asking the Lord of Heaven - God, not Aurelio Casillas - to send him a son , he came up with the fantastic idea - notice the sarcasm - of changing recipients in his prayers and he ended up asking Satan, that - oh surprise - he ended up giving him the son, promising that everything would be super good, that the child would be an ordinary human. Of course, because making pacts with the devil has always worked out well for those who do, right.

What we cannot deny is that the devil has a VERY good taste with women, because Rose can be as silly and credulous as you want, but she is not ugly.

Being allergic to some things, it was really strange to see that Eli's supposed allergy simply stopped manifesting when his mother told him to breathe. When an allergy attacks you, and your skin starts to turn red, if you take normal medications, it may take days to disappear, even if you take something a little more risky like adrenaline / epinephrine, the effects do not disappear with the naked eye.

Only after understanding that Eli is the son of the devil, can we understand that this is simply the demonic part of Eli beginning to emerge, as he grows.

Apparently the episode in the meadow that we see at the beginning of the movie, and to which Paul refers later, was the breaking point. Paul refers to Bronson, his pet, and does so with some pain and disappointment. What we can infer is that that day, Eli had transformed that day spontaneously, in his demonic form, and his only victim was the poor puppy.

From that day on, Paul and Rose, who knew that Eli was the son of the devil, agreed to take Eli out of the world and lock him up with the excuse that he was allergic to everything, with the aggravating fact that they would have to do all the pantomime, including avoid showers, insulating domes, etc, etc, etc

The message of the movie is a bit strange. In the first place, it speaks of people who have no possibility of redemption or of changing their destiny because their very nature prevents it. This speaks of a rather poor screenplay, as well as the little introspection in Dr. Horn's character, wasting an actress like Lily Taylor.

And although that point of view, like many others, is valid, that of not struggling with your own nature, it would be good to start a debate and the corresponding reflection, in this case it is not well managed, precisely because the film is too softened and looks like an attempt, quite bad to copy the WB's Conjuring Universe.

Rating: 6.6  | IMDb
Genres: Horror  | Duration: 98 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 6.6 / 10 (613 votes)
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