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Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019)  

Watch Dora and the Lost City of Gold full movies

  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

We all know and love the quality of the projects that the big studio of Nickelodeon, however, it's such a shame that more often than we'd like, their projects are not really that big of a deal in the world box office. This is the case of their newest launch, Dora and The Lost City of Gold, which is an adventure movie appropriate for the whole family while being entertaining enough for all of them.

James Bobin is the head of the project, directing this movie as he did with the 2011 movie The Muppets, and also the famous and positive sequel to Alice in Wonderland; Alice Through The Looking Glass, and now dedicates himself to developing a story in a jungle, with the well know friends of Dora; Boots, Backpack, Map and the cousin Diego. They all go down this crazy and wild odyssey where the humor and parody abound so that you can never take yourself or the movie in a completely serious way, which makes it much more successful and fresh.

Diego goes back to live and study in the city with his parents, while Dore grows up all her life in her beloved jungle with her pair of investigator parents. It's worth mentioning that the movie still breaks the fourth wall here and there effectively.

Dora lives a life based around her limited group of friends and parents, however, once she becomes a 16-year-old teenager, she has to move the big city of Los Angeles, where she will go to a school in civilization, and live with the family of his cousin, since her parents are about to take on a dangerous quest to find a lost civilization that hides a rich secret, but as you can imagine, it is not easy to make a change like this for anyone, and there isn't exception for our little friend Dora.

Not even Cady Heron fell so lost when she came back to America from Africa to meet the world of high school and become friends with Regina George. Dore can't find a way to fit in with her classmates, she makes only one nerdy friend and is bullied by other children.

The problem starts when she and two other kids get kidnapped by a group of men, intending to steal Dora's map, which they presume can lead them to find her parents and therefore, to the big secret the civilization they are looking for hides. Luckily they are rescued by a professor but also explorer named Alejandro Gutiérrez, who will help them to find Dora's parents and help to keep them safe.

It is actually easier for us to understand the plot since Dora is now an older girl, so it makes sense that she and her friends could survive all this dangers, there are not so many wonders things so the movie is somehow more realistic, for example, we won't see the iconic Fox here, but don't worry, this does not affect the movie as much as you would think, you will not miss him.

However, we have to remark the representation of Latin American people in the cast of Dora and The Lost City Of Gold, there are not so much offensive and flat stereotypes that make the characters simple or boring, they are all new and original, while also representing other cultures and countries. The movie could get to be cartoonish from time to time, but nothing so bad to really bother.

We are sure you won't regret going to watch Dora and The Lost City Of Gold, it's a good movie that gives us more than could've imagined it would.

Rating: 7.2  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family  | Duration: 102 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.2 / 10 (1592 votes)
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