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Captain Marvel (2019)  

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Captain Marvel

We go back to the mid-nineties, we are in nineteen ninety-five, on a planet called Hala, in which the capital of the galactic empire of the Kree is established. There lies the powerful Star Force war called Vers.

Vers suffers from a recurring dream that torments him night after night and feels that it has a special meaning, in he observes an elderly woman who transmits a message, but fails to decipher what it is.

His commander, friend and coach, Yon-Rogg tells him that he must control his mind and his emotions to be able to fully master his abilities, when he finishes the training, he appears in front of the Supreme Intelligence, a means of artificial intelligence by which he is governed the empire and again warns him the same.

Vers is summoned by his commander Yon-Rogg to participate in a rescue mission, a member of the Star Force is in danger, is on a covert mission and has managed to infiltrate the Skrull community. In the middle of the operation things get complicated and Vers is captured by Talos, Commander Skrull, who takes her to his ship and connects her to a machine capable of making a copy of the memories stored in memory.

The fierce Vers manages to escape and steal a capsule which pilots to planet Earth, where it impacts sharply against a video store in the city of Los Angeles in the state of California. A patrolman from the area puts the authorities on alert, but given the importance of the case, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, specifically special agent Nick Fury and his rookie rookie Phil Coulson, appear. When initiating the investigation and the interrogation, the agent Fury is skeptical with the history of the visitor, when suddenly he is surprised by the attack of a Skrull.

Vers and Fury chase him around the city, Vers realizes that his persecuted person carries with him the crystal that stores his memories, which motivates his persecution more, when he takes it she recovers the crystal but the Skrull manages to flee, in parallel Fury is taken with a Skrull who pretends to be Agent Coulson, but Fury remembers that Phil is still in the parking lot of the video store, so he draws and shoots, killing the alien.

The Skruls are extraterrestrial beings capable of adopting the form of other creatures, including their tone of voice; Talos Commander Skrull, pretends to be the chief supervisor of S.H.I.E.L.D, director Keller.

Fury agrees to collaborate with Vers, and this asks her to take her to the track she sees in her dreams, which thanks to an image Fury deciphers that it is an evidence base of the United States area force. Using their credentials as an agent of SHIELD, they manage to enter the enclosure and sneak into the archives, Vers finds a file with his photograph, in which he says that he died during the test flight of an experimental hyper-propulsion engine, and next to her the Doctor and Officer Wendy Lawson, whom he immediately recognizes as the woman who speaks to him in his dreams; The report highlights the good relationship he had with his superior officer, Lieutenant Maria Rambeou, who is still alive and in a state of retirement.

Vers and Fury are attacked by Air Base soldiers under the orders of SHIELD director Keller, who really is Talos, commander of the Skrulls, how they can get to the hangar, steal a cargo ship and escape to New Orleans, where Lieutenant Maria lives.

When Maria introduces herself, she cannot believe what her eyes see, her best friend and aunt of her daughter whom she left for dead is in front of her, Vers asks him to help her remember and clarify who she really is, and that is where the heroine really knows her past and discovers the truth about the Skrulls and the crimes of the Kree Empire, soldier Vers ceases to exist to give way to the powerful Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel.

Rating: 7.8  | IMDb
Genres: Action , Adventure , Science Fiction  | Duration: 124 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 7.8 / 10 (13266 votes)
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